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  1. Closed: First attempt at USB differential pair routing on a 2 layer board Acceptable or not

    Yes, I had planned to sketch it first, then I seen a video where someone was painting with burnt cyan or acrylic over the sketch as their first step.
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    Closed: Saving data to SD card

    How would I save data to the SD card, I want to save a score variable to be shown in the next game... I looked through some of the examples but didnt really understand what was going on....
  3. Closed: LM3940 3 3V reg cannot supply 9V buck boosk

    I'm using one... never DIY that fancy though, just clipped on the wires. The voltage never reach 12v but rather slightly just above 11v for mine, but it's sufficient to charge 6s.Ampere about 4A and...
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