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  1. Closed: Re: Localizing acoustic noise source on PCB

    I once used a miniature MEMS microphone to locate a switch's scratching sound. The technique works.

    But you may be right, the electromagnetic pulse may couple into the microphone's signal lines,...
  2. Closed: Re: Opinions about SEPIC versus Zeta converters

    Although you are correct that the current's direction in a diode which "would replace" L2 is similar, the reality is that an inductor stores energy in the form of current, whereas a diode only steers...
  3. Closed: Re: Transformer coupled Class A amplifier

    I had some spare time (Thanks COVID-19) and breadboarded a 2N3904 single ended class-A amplifier with an audio transformer load on the collector.

    Indeed, the collector voltage exceeds B+, as shown...
  4. Closed: Re: Transformer coupled Class A amplifier

    Are you talking about single ended or push pull?
  5. Closed: Re: 5V Rechargeable Battery(1.5A) for my project with charging module

    The USB pack that Klaus has suggested, will be the simplest, highest capacity, lightest weight and lowest cost you can find.
    They come in all sizes, and are sold in the web by almost everyone....
  6. Closed: Re: Opinions about SEPIC versus Zeta converters

    Fortunately for the project, I had the AA cells which were O'rd with the PV cell via diodes. If the PV cell dropped its voltage below those of the AAs, the latter would carry over the load. So I...
  7. Closed: Re: Opinions about SEPIC versus Zeta converters

    Many moons ago, I also was curious about the SEPIC topology, but did not have a project to apply it.

    Then an opportunity came to build a remote temp/humidity/sunlight data acquisition with a RTC....
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    Closed: Re: Will a filter block this waveform?

    Your waveform description is useless to determine its harmonic content. What you are describing could be anything.

    A scope image or better still a spectral analysis is required to answer your...
  9. Closed: Re: Looking for a dimmer circuit to drive a lamp up to 60w controlled by touch

    Siemens semiconductor used to have an IC for that purpose.

    When it became Infineon, I believe they discontinued many devices, including this.
  10. Closed: Re: I2C bus - what is maximum bus lenght when working with 100 KHz clock (errorless w

    I once attempted to use I2C over a length of 5 meters.
    When one has several I2C devices, it is *very tempting* to connect everything in the same bus. One of them, was a temperature/humidity sensor...
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    [PIC]Closed: Re: speed control of dc motor 2220v

    The schematic has a fatal flaw. You cannot, will not, drive with PWM the Mosfet's gate with the circuit as shown.

    Again, you need to research Mosfet gate drives. But as Aussie Susan mentioned,...
  12. Closed: Re: An old exam problem related to an amplifier

    I have to side with AudioGuru on this one. Are we talking about DC resistance or AC impedance?

    It is correct that for the AC analysis the source resistor would be completely shunted away by the...
  13. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: ORing diodes replacement for high voltage (160V)

    Good trick mtwieg.
  14. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: ORing diodes replacement for high voltage (160V)

    Yes, they are slow to turn on and off.

    For the turn on, you could rely in the Mosfet's intrinsic body diode or use an external diode in parallel.

    For the turn off, I remember that there are...
  15. Closed: Re: DC Level Shifter from 0,5-4,5V to 0-3,3V?

    I also recommend a simple resistor divider and subtracting the offset in software. Even with precision (0.1% tolerance) resistors, it will be low cost, very accurate and occupy essentially no board...
  16. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: ORing diodes replacement for high voltage (160V)

    There are photovoltaic optocouplers which are designed to produce a low current supply to drive isolated Mosfets.

    For instance, the Toshiba TLP190B mentions:

    The TLP190B consists of an infrared...
  17. Closed: Re: Inputs on my first PCB for AC motor driver.

    Excellent analogy.
  18. Closed: Re: Speeding up the LM311 input stage.

    I remembered that I had stored somewhere an ancient (1982) National Semi's Linear Applications Handbook.

    Searched the book and found it. Indeed, it shows AN41, written by the famous Bob...
  19. Closed: Speeding up the LM311 input stage.

    Many moons ago, I barely remember that in an ancient National Semi app note or datasheet, that one could significantly improve the LM311's input stage slew rate, by tying the both strobe/balance pins...
  20. Closed: Re: If I can't find caps and resistors on Mouser, where's my next best bet?

    You are missing a very important capacitor parameter: Its working voltage.

    Some of the parts may be already obsolete. For instance Mallory is now Cornell Dubilier.
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    Closed: Re: High voltage supply 5kV DC

    I once built a HV probe, for one of those 200mV Ebay digital panel meters, which exhibit a very high input impedance (because they don't have any attenuators). Therefore the shunt impedance of the...
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    Closed: Re: High voltage supply 5kV DC

    I believe what we need to know is precisely what Dick_Freebird just asked:

    -Does the OP "needs to design" such a supply?
    -Or does he/she requires an actual functional unit for another experiment?...
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    Closed: Re: High voltage supply 5kV DC

    Why re-invent the wheel? Use a neon sign transformer:
  24. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: This zener diode is not working as it should work

    If in real life you connect a 3V zener to a 5V source, the magic smoke would come out from somewhere.
  25. Closed: Re: Design an Isolated SMPS with multiple output

    For starters, the optocoupler is backwards.
    It should be LED to the right side, and phototransistor to the left.

    Also you would use multi tapped secondaries, because otherwise your linear 5V and...
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