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  1. Closed: Re: Generation of 4 Phase Shifted clock Signals

    With basic components you will be able to create delays, not properly a phase in the usual sense of this expression in digital electronics. A frequency dependent timming approach should be always...
  2. Closed: Re: Holding button for 2s to trigger 555 timer

    Instead of the standard resistor/button arrangement on the 555 input used on the monostable configuration (resistor on the top, button NO on bottom), try replacing it by a voltage divider with 2...
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    Closed: Re: At45db041b vs at45d041

    Many programmer's tools check the chip device ID and refuse to download the code if the target differs from the part selected, unless you uncheck this option - when available. Even a bare suffix...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: USB to RS232 exactly similar to COM1

    What has not been clear here so far is the purpose of this port in your application, whether only communication or communication + power supply. Some older native COM port-based programmers...
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    Closed: Re: Learning psoc technology

    A long time ago I had the opportunity to work with the Cypress PSoC3 familly core, with one of the top member from CY8C4xxx which had both analog and digital cells, but that was essentially a...
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    Closed: Re: Identify an electronic component

    If you aer not sure about what kind of component it is, so check what devices are surrounding this one to have an insight of its function on the circuit, as for example if it is in series or parallel...
  7. Closed: Re: Modelling UC3842 current mode PWM Controller

    There is available on the web the model of this device in Spice, which at first glance may be a much more reliable approach, which would save you from a lot of time, just to validate your model. If...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Driving an LCD using ShiftRegister

    How are you debugging, step by step with break points? Anyway, define how did you came to the conclusion that it is not working, just by not seeing expected characters on LCD, or checking each...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Driving an LCD using ShiftRegister

    It is not clear whether this is not working in simulation environment (once above schematic seems like drawn on ISIS Proteus) or on assembled circuit. If you have the means to debug, why not just to...
  10. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: I have a problem related to Embedded C .

    This may not have been so clear; in the prototype of the delay function you missed the argument 'i' at the line 4 of your code.
  11. Closed: Re: Do you have a library of uc3843 proteus?

    From a functional point of view, the UC3843 is very similar to the UC3842, whose model for Proteus can be easily found on the Web, but for an older version of this software, but can still be useful...
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    Closed: Re: transistor selection help question

    There are some websites which help us to select similar transistors; I have used the (there are others), which you can use to make the first approach, and if you don't find anyone,...
  13. Closed: Re: power supply for rPi in enclosed space

    Unfortunately, some questions are unanswerable particularly if you do not provide enough information, such as the expected internal temperature at which equipment will be subjected, have you measured...
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    Closed: Re: 450w ATX smps switching voltage low

    You did not give any clue of the brand/model of this equipment. Anyway, some cheap low-quality power supplies do not work well with no load connected; In general the 5v is used as internal reference...
  15. Closed: Re: power supply for rPi in enclosed space

    Heatsink with forced ventilation always matters, even on a miniature scale. Note that the biggest ICs are the ones which more heats and you need to take care about them; The raspbery distro has a...
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    Closed: Re: Can post new thread ?

    Just wait to be approved, be patient.
  17. Closed: Re: Altium - how to map pins to multiple pads?

    Instead of assigning the correspondence on the footprint/component library, you can just connect them by wire in the schematic side, which seems a more realistic approach, once you are connecting...
  18. Closed: Re: NodeMCU sinking current through DIO while power is off

    The above arrangement with diodes could do that with no need to add any transistor as simulated bellow, however not acting on GND, but rather on supply bus itself, so once any button is pressed,...
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    Closed: Re: Embedded Linux Applications

    Not all ARM cores, but the ones which meets some requirements in their instructions set; actually most of them.
  20. Closed: Re: How to import all the rules in Altium at once

    By clicking CTRL+A will select all rules.
  21. Closed: Re: ir pair not wark behind black acralic

    By the succinct description "the IR doesn't work", do you mean that it detects when it should not, or simply does not detect at all? As a rule, since you are using the same optical barrier for both,...
  22. Closed: Re: Prevent short-circuit design rule in Altium when drilled hole goes through a pad

    You just changed the PCB editor's color preferences, you didn't actually set the rules this way, instead just tried to hide the warnings from your sight; as said before, still on the schematic side...
  23. Closed: Re: Prevent short-circuit design rule in Altium when drilled hole goes through a pad

    For some specific cases you can add on schematics side, PCB directives in order to instruct online DRC from Layout side to consider differentiated rules.
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    Closed: Re: Rotary encoder physical dimensions

    Not why 5, but rather why 6,35mm; that´s because this 0,35mm clearance would allow you to plug the 6mm axis with some easiness if compared to the 6mm-6mm option; not too tight, not too loose.
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    Closed: Re: Rotary encoder physical dimensions

    Once the encoder axis diameter is 6mm, I would choose the coupler with internal diameter specified with 5-6,35mm. The tighter, the lower the chance of future wear problems due to being anchored...
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