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  1. [SOLVED]Closed: how ro export my proteus project from one pc another?

    I did my simulation on one pc, now i need the same simulation on my laptop, how do i export the project such that i get everything of my simulation on laptop too? I did copy the protues file over,...
  2. Closed: SVPWM crooked 3-phase inverter output. What is wrong with the circuit ?[PROTEUS]

    Im simulating a 3 phase inverter circuit driven via SVPWM method. Im using Arduino for code. As it can been seen in diagrams, my input in as it should be.But output is weird, I dont know is causing...
  3. [SOLVED]Closed: LM741 Amplifier not working with IR2110 IC [PROTUES]

    Im trying to amplify arduino output for Mosfet gate driver, but whenever I connect to Output terminal to amplifier the HI pin doesnot accept amplifier output idk why. But when I connect arduino...
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