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  1. Closed: Re: PIC16F877 interface with ds1307 ...RTC running 10 sec slow

    I've used the DS1307 and DS3231 in dozens of projects.
    As long as the proper decimal to BCD conversions are made, which appear correct in your code, and the time/date registers are written and read...
  2. [AVR]Closed: Re: Temprature sensors. LM35 vs MCP9700

    Calibration is difficult for a hobbyist, but you can perform a pair of steps:

    -Put some ice on a bucket, and let it slowly melt. When you have about 50/50 ice and water, that will be your 0-C...
  3. Closed: Re: Where to get schematics about SCRs full-wave triggering circuits ?

    If your virtual scope's reference is where the ground symbol is, then the scope is showing exactly what it should be: The SCR's reverse blocking voltage

    As simple as that.
    You want the negative...
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    Closed: Re: MCU Vcc to GND SHORT

    FWIW my experience: a time I has having strange STM32F failures when running from 3.3 volts, I completely solved by using BAT54S schottkys as clamps on the 5 volt compliant inputs.
  5. Closed: Re: Which type of SMD capacitors are more robust against PCB flexion cracking?

    Flexiterm caps tend to fail safe.

    Meaning that instead of cracking and causing a short circuit, the end caps will detach and become open circuit.

    As Asdf44 mentioned, J-leads are the best, as...
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    Closed: Re: NE5534 quad version?

    To the best of my knowledge, there are only duals, NE5532
  7. Closed: Re: Direct Drive Triac from ATtiny Processor

    A half-wave capacitive dropper will work, as long as it is wired to provide a negative voltage.

    But as FvM mentions, show your complete schematic. We can't read minds.
  8. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Converting balnaced supply +12 0 -12 V audio amplifier to 0 +12 supply

    Very simple;
    What you now call GND, change the name to SIG_GND.

    Generate this signal with a 50% resistor divider to equally split across the single supply voltage, buffer it with opamp configured...
  9. Closed: Re: does input clock frequency pin have to come from crystal oscillator?

    It would work, but it is an overkill, as the Si5351 is a frequency synthesizer.
    Good if you require a frequency-agile clock source.

    If all that is required is a single, fixed frequency, use the...
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    Closed: Re: can you send video over hf?

    As Brad mentions, there is slow scan TV. I once witnessed SST with an acquaintance who was a radio amateur.

    Slow scan meaning something like 0.3 FPS.

    Low definition TV also. Perhaps QVGA...
  11. Closed: Re: does input clock frequency pin have to come from crystal oscillator?

    Linear Technology produces resistor seteable MEMS oscillators, which are used to replace crystals in certain applications.

    But if you know anything about LT’s products, is that they are very high...
  12. Closed: Re: Hub motor with separately excited rotor and stator configuration

    Thanks, as you correctly mentioned, it all depends on the motor design and the application.

    That is the reason I asked the OP if he had experienced cogging torque in an e-bike.
    But this was his...
  13. Closed: Re: Hub motor with separately excited rotor and stator configuration

    It could be done, but then it wouldn’t be a brushless motor, as an electrical current would have to be fed to the rotor.

    Additionally, the field current would cause an efficiency loss.

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    Closed: Re: Problem with using ic uA733

    It was NTSC video, meaning 4 Mhz and 2Vpp (drops down to 1 Vpp with 75 ohm termination)
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    Closed: Re: LM567 morse code detector weird thing


    You are a very experienced and helpful EDAboard member.

    You know that to obtain meaningful help, the more information one provides, the better. A schematic diagram, photos of the...
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    Closed: Re: Leaded solder vs LeadFree solder

    There are several lead-free solder formulations, but on this side of the World, SAC305 appears to be popular.
  17. Closed: Re: CAN bus in electronic systems for vehicle

    For lower cost and lower priority devices, there are simpler busses like SENT or LIN for the automotive and transportation markets.
  18. Closed: Re: trying to get 3 amps.

    Barry brings a very good point, perhaps the batteries can't supply that much current without an excessive voltage drop.

    Take an automotive battery and repeat the test. That battery certainly has...
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    Closed: Re: Problem with using ic uA733

    Back in the late 80s I successfully built several video distribution amplifiers using the NE592, which is a exact equivalent of the LM733. It was single ended mode also.
    I am including the...
  20. Closed: Re: trying to get 3 amps.

    Because the buck converter is not designed to provide 3 amps?

    I am sorry for the vague answer, but you must realize that your question is quite vague and is withholding crucial details.

    You say...
  21. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Can you please explain how this N-Channel JFET with Diodes work?

    Makes sense....just a minuscule amount of bias!
  22. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: PLL and LCD: LCD shows garbage while PLL is used

    I will be waiting for Klaus to respond to this one with his usual wit.
  23. Closed: Re: How to simulate line regulation and load regulation in LDO

    Line regulation: A variable power supply.
    Load regulation: A variable electronic load.
    At least a good meter to monitor output voltage. If you have two, then use the second to monitor the output...
  24. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Can you please explain how this N-Channel JFET with Diodes work?

    My first thought would also be gate protection.

    The datasheet mentions that "....and is optimized for low power audio applications. The integrated back to back diodes offers clamping and...
  25. Closed: Re: would an engineer use this equation?

    ONLY as a preliminary estimate, yes.
    The temperature rise will have to be measured with worst case conditions.
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