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  1. Closed: Re: Basic 12v Battery VOLTAGE METER, more resolution needed

    There are 7-Segment Voltmeter kits with 3-Digits at aliexpress.The cost is lower than what you do by yourself
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    Closed: Re: ADS Simulation of Circuit -Help

    Your Nonlinear model is not correct and this transistor is obsolete.
    If I were you, I use more recent part ( CE3512K2) for its equivalent and request nonlinear model from Modelithics.If you're a...
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    Closed: Re: 750 MHz Band Attenuation Filter

    Lumped Components serve well here..No need Microstrip structures..
    The Simplest Form is a Parallel LC in series or a Series LC in Parallel or combination of those.But better solution is to use...
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    Closed: Re: Power amplifier design (grounding)

    Before all, have you ever considered Decoupling Capacitors placed juts after Lambda/4 Transmission Lines ?? You will have to place and be sure that they will change amplifier's response very much....
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    Closed: Re: The difference between IIP3 and P1dB

    IP3 has theoretically 9.6dB more than P1dB and it shows Third Order Intermodulation only.It doesn't mean the the amplifier is more linear or less linear..
    It's the problem of differences of the...
  6. Closed: Re: Question about phase noise simulation using cadence and ADS EM simulation.

    "Wholly EM Simulated" does not make sense at all..
    You can make an EM Simulation for Inductor only then replace EMView into Schematic or Extracted view of the VCO.
    But not whole circuit..
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    Closed: Re: MAR8 prior to AD8307

    This one may be an alternative for you.. page 10-11
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    Closed: Re: MAR8 prior to AD8307

    Since the Bandwidth is so large as remarked, there are not so many possibilities to down to -100dBm..If you increase the bandwidth , the MDS will be worse..
    Modern Power Meters can not measure...
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    Closed: Re: MAR8 prior to AD8307

    BW=29 MHz
    MDS=-174+3.1+10*log(BW)=-96.xx dBm..
    Bandwidth and NF is pretty high to measure -100dBm signal strength.( I didn't include necessary S/N !!, it should be around more or less...
  10. Closed: Re: 1~1.5 GHz Waveguide bandpass filter design tool
  11. Closed: Re: 1~1.5 GHz Waveguide bandpass filter design tool

    1-1.5 GHz Frequency Band is too low for Waveguides,As you know well Waveguides have Lower Cut-Off Frequencies.
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: ADS schematic to layout

    Are you sure that you will able to find HSMS2850 Schottky Detector Diodes ?? They are obsolete coming form HP days..
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    Closed: Re: Simple 50R I/O RF attenuator (1-30MHz)

    This company manufactures some interesting components which you may be interested in..
  14. Closed: Re: 2.4GHz WiFi module causing interference on 433MHz RF receiver module

    Using a SMPS to drive a BT Module is not a good idea unless the PS is very clean.Placing this BT Module around this PSU is an worse idea due to EMI coming from different and unknown sources..
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    Closed: Re: Building Blocks on an FM Band Receiver

    A typical BPF should has 1dB ( more or less ) Insertion Loss at those frequencies, not 10dB.
    This Insertion Loss will surely reduce the Sensitivity of the Receiver but it's obligatory..
    If the...
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    Closed: Re: Building Blocks on an FM Band Receiver

    Before amplifier, you should use a filter to clean out the unwanted signals such as VHF , Air Traffic, Amateur Band signals.
    Otherwise the Amplifier will try to amplify everything and it will of...
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    Closed: Re: Design of LNA using CMOS transistor

    There is no such CMOS Transistor for LNAs.There were some discrete pHEMTs, BJTs once upon a time but all have gone..
    Some Infineon BJTs and some other pHEMTs are still there but very limited.
  18. Closed: Re: PN and jitter for low frequency oscillators

    The answer was there..
    When you simulate any kind of circuit in fact you're using a special calculator. nothing more ..And every element has been characterized/modeled by some mathematical...
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    Closed: Re: Eigen mode solver of HFSS

    This is true only and only the Resonators are NOT coupled yet ( standalone ), Coupled Resonators will interact each other and Eigen Frequencies will be impacted.
    The best method is to place 2-Ports...
  20. Closed: Re: Help with electromagnetic interference in Class E amplifier

    Class-E Amplifiers are naturally Switched Mode Amplifiers and they generate lot of harmonics due to its nature.
    The solely method is to reduce the Harmonics is using Optimum Output Stage and...
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    Closed: Re: [moved] Video transmitter for TV

    Yes, you can connect HDMI PC Output to CVBS Input of the TV by using MINI HDMI 2AV adapter.
    If the TV set hasn't got CVBS Input, you will have to buy RF Modulator to connect thru aerial antenna..
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    Closed: Re: Determining output impedance in LT SPICE

    gm=derivative(Ids/Vgs)(whilst Vds=constant)
    Obtain Ids vs Vgs and take the derivative of this curve..
  23. Closed: Re: Insertion loss reduction for matching networks in PA design

    If the Impedance Matching Circuit has been carefully designed, S11,GammaS,GammaL and S22 will all be zero (ideal case) so what rests ?? Just S21.
    But they won't be as expected in reality so you have...
  24. Closed: Re: Insertion loss reduction for matching networks in PA design

    No.. You're doing a serious mistake..
    If there is a Optimum Load Impedance to be matched to 50 Ohm, the Generator Impedance ( call it as Port-1) will absolutely be Complex Conjugate of this Optimum...
  25. Closed: Re: Insertion loss reduction for matching networks in PA design

    But this Insertion Loss is according to 50/50Ohm Terminations and if you change Optimum Load Impedance with Source Impedance, the Insertion Loss will be quite different.
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