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    Closed: Re: Trading voltage for current

    There are a lot of "ready to use" solutions.
    One example is here:

    This is a cheap 230 AC power supply with 24V 5A output.
    The clue...
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    Closed: Re: Problem with RELAY ??

    You have asked a strange question, I understand your question as follows:

    "How to energize the relay , (which needs more than 1,6 V to be energized), using the voltage less than 1,6 V".
    May be...
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    Closed: Re: Digital LCD oscilloscope

    Good work, Of course it is only a toy not an electronic device.
    I am impressed (I wonder how much time you have spent on it?)
  4. Closed: Re: Power a PC with 12V

    Is 12V the must?
    May be you can supply your PC with dedicated battery.
    If the last is the case you can supply your PC from 150V DC voltage delivered by 14 batteries 12V each, connected in serial....
  5. Closed: received power equal transmitted power gain

    I think that your imagination of processes that take place between transmitter and receiver antennas is correct.
    However the way you describe it is not clear.
    I would also advice you to check the...
  6. Closed: increase the power on the antennas

    There is no direct relationship. Received power depends on few factors:
    Power radiated from transmitting antenna (linear dependence)

    Distance between transmitter and receiver (complicated...
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    Closed: Re: power transformer current

    Yes, thermistor configuration your drawing is OK .
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    Closed: Re: power transformer current

    Good discussion and few good remarks. I must explain myself. At my first post I declared:

    Discussion concentrated on main capacitor value (Ok I can agree wit 10 000 uF and with 1 000 uF, both...
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    Closed: Re: power transformer current

    One drawing is worthy more that 1000 words.
    See attachment.
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    Closed: Re: power transformer current

    As often happen the true is somewhere in between so both statements are correct, depending of transformer working condition .
    I do not want to analyze problem in deep. I just want to show you a...
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    Closed: Re: Power Supply for line follower.

    4 x AA NiMH batteries in series give you 4,8-5,2 V (depending on the state of discharge)
    You can select between models with up to 3Ah (4,5 hours work of your robot)
    The advantage is that you...
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    Closed: Re: charge storage in CRT Monitor

    In CRT few days, (or even more) I remember TV waiting for CRT replacemant till next day. Strong spark appeared during discharging the 25kV to GND. BUT! there are voltage multiplayers with 100 Mohm...
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    Closed: Re: Camera luminance using IR LEDs

    Current through the LED must be limited. The most common solution is to form a kind of constant current source (or current limiter) by supplying the LED through the series resistor. If your voltage...
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    Closed: Re: Camera luminance using IR LEDs

    You can also consider supplying the LED from a current source. In such configuration a serial resistor for the LED current limiting is unnecessary so the battery will be used more efficiently.
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    Closed: rs485 convert to rs232 by wire only

    "cherukukeshav" reply is correct.

    But after a while I came to conclusion that "sundarmeenakshi" statemant that RS485 is for parallel communication can be true if the term "parallel" will be...
  16. Closed: tda4605

    1. After applying mains supply, one can hear that the SMPS starts and stops regularly.
    2. After disconnecting +120V from the SMPS transformer (the voltage for horizontal deflection circuits), SMPS...
  17. Closed: Re: Audio amplifier

    First: select the IC.
    Second: calculate supply voltage .

    In case of normal push pull amplifier (not bridge amplifier, supplied from one voltage and with capacitor coupled speaker) the voltage on...
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    Closed: Re: transformer secondary voltage question

    First you should define more precisely what kind of the secondary short circuit you have in mind.
    1. Is it a situation when the transformer output terminals are shorted
    2. The short circuit...
  19. Closed: Re: Need help to understand the datasheet of an inductor...

    For DC and frequencies lower than 100 kHz only the current that is flowing through the coil rise up its temperature. According to technical data, the coil temperature should not rise up above 60...
  20. Closed: Re: Need help to understand the datasheet of an inductor...

    First of all you should notice that the inductance in question is design for work at high currents. The coil inductance is constant for very small and small currents, but coil inductance is lowering...
  21. Closed: Re: reference voltage

    There are no 88,25mV reference voltage devices.

    You have to use "standard" reference voltage.
    I do not remember the type but there is a range of devices that can give stable voltages about 1V ...
  22. Closed: Re: reference voltage

    What about the standard reference voltage and operational amplifier with a fractional gain, inverting configuration?
    The circuit can have high input resistance (or very high if the additional op...
  23. Closed: coil induced voltage

    The solution could be a dual channel oscilloscope in differential signal configuration.
    Common signals should be canceled (if the probes in both channel are identical) but the signal from the coil...
  24. Closed: Re: what is the meaning of (max.value-min.value)/2

    Sounds funny, my name is Andrzej (English = Andrew), but OK.

    I do not know the definition of triangle duty cycle.
    (What I know is the square waferorm duty cycle).
    But this definitoin it is...
  25. Closed: Re: what is the meaning of (max.value-min.value)/2

    In my opinion after current integration (current changing in time) you will get a charge (measured in Culombs) and this is a scalar value not a function.

    You can not differentiate a digit. ...
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