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    Closed: Suggestions for Intercom Gateway

    I want to install NEOSLIFT Voice gateways. Please suggest me the best Single Line 4G Elevator Gateway which has battery backup upto 8+ hours.

  2. [SOLVED]Closed: My laptop has Speaker/headphone/audio jack problem?

    I've recently been having a problem with my headphones. The laptop recognizes that I've plugged them in but it still uses the external speakers and there's no sound coming through the headphones....
  3. Closed: Windows 7: Headset Sound In Not Working w/ Skype


    I have an HP Pavillion HPE (h8-1380t) running Windows 7 Pro (64-bit) and I have a headset plugged to the top of the computer. FYI, on the top, the computer there are 4 ports: headset out,...
  4. Closed: I donít hear a dial tone in the Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset What should I do?

    Press the call control button to see if you hear a beep in the headset. If you do not hear a beep, try charging your headset. If you do hear a beep, the headset may no longer be linked to the base....
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    Closed: VoIP hosted PBX penetration testing

    I've deployed snom ip phones across several of my business partners to allow comms internationally. Is there a way to pen test the phones? Maybe we've set the net sec wrong or something missing. I...
  6. [SOLVED]Closed: [moved] How to fix Windows 10 Error? (copying files from network drive)


    When I was trying to copy a file off a networked drive I get the following error: Error 0x80070057: The parameter is incorrect.

    This is the third time this has occurred. The first time I...
  7. [SOLVED]Closed: Lenovo laptop problem during installing LINUX OS

    Hi, I'm using Lenovo, when I try to install Linux my laptop got stuck after I switched it off and on. it's not working, all lights up but the screen is blank, CPU fan is running 3 sec only, can...
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