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  1. Closed: Re: Pspice code error for design memristor please solve it

    Node 2 is floating - connect a high value resistance between node 2 and ground to overcome this error.
    The second problem is with expression used in device Gpm, this is getting evaluated to zero...
  2. Closed: Re: Can I make schematic to symbol in OrCAD 16.6 Capture CIS?

    Yes. You can easily do that. you need to create a hierarchical block and link you complete schematic to this block. You also need to define interface port on your complete schematic. These port would...
  3. Closed: Re: How to import a Matlab signal into Orcad Pspice?

    Export that as csv file. and use configure a file base stimulus in PSpice and configure exported data from MATLAb as input file to stimulus source. You may need to modify the exported data a bit -...
  4. Closed: Re: h have a same problam pleas help me whit[ ERROR -- Less than 2 connections at no

    Did you get any warning during Netlisting Capture? Also you are running a very old version of PSpice - upgrade to new one or get a free Lite version from
  5. Closed: Re: Problem in Orcad 16.6 Pspice A/D when ploting data

    Share the circuit file.
  6. Closed: Re: please help me out with this ERROR(ORPSIM-16047): Must be V

    This should work

    r1 1 0 1
    R2 2 0 1
    X1 1 2 0 memristor
    .SUBCKT memristor 1 2 6
    Eres 1 9 POLY(2)
    +(8, 0) (11, 0) 0 0 0 0 1
    Vsense 9 4 DC 0V
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    Closed: Re: Long time simulation

    Try reducing RELTOL= 0.005 as against default of 0.001. you can also tweak ABSTOL to 1n instead of 1p. This will loosen the tolerance and thus speed up simulation. however gain in terms of simulation...
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    Closed: Re: Orcad Pspice Gate Driver+Mosfet and Pspice

    I suspect the feedback loop may not be working as expected. You may want to try the open loop circuit simulation first, break the loop and run the flyback at fixed duty cycle. This will help get...
  9. Closed: Re: [Moved]Are there x and y statements defined in SPICE?

    What do you mean by X and Y statement? If you want to define a function and use this for defining some values of components, one can use .FUNC command of SPICE.
  10. Closed: Re: Is there any program that generates pspice simulation models

    If you are looking for Discrete semiconductor like Diode, IGBT, MOSFET BJT etc and some general purpose devices like Opamp, Voltage regulators etc, one can use PSpice Model Editor. In this tool you...
  11. Closed: Re: Time varying (voltage controlled) capacitor (LTSpice or PSpice)

    Yes. This is possible in PSpice. As FvM mentioned you can use G devices to create various types of controlled impedances (inductor/capacitor/resistance). You can refer the following application note...
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    Closed: Re: I got a problem in OrCAD Pspice

    Yes. This is possible and make sense to look into this. Once simulation is complete, it would be easier for new user to analyze the result and find issues if any.
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    Closed: Re: noise in pspice! please help!

    you can use "PWL Sources" to create a noise source of your choice. Add this in series with your regular voltage source. You can use Place >PSpice Component>Source> PWL Sources to quickly create PWL...
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    Closed: Re: Cadence PSPICE AD Lite problem

    If you are looking for - How to create a Pulse source in PSpice - Try Place>PSpice Component>Source>Independent Source. This would enable you to quickly define and place source of your choice.
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    Closed: Re: I got a problem in OrCAD Pspice

    Diode model used in circuit seems to be creating trouble, Diode Model DX does not have any resistance (Model Parameter RS) defined, which is equivalent of making it R=0 for this device. Such models...
  16. Closed: Re: Write and read operations for SRAM using PSPICE

    Either of suggested method would work. Keeping these two as separate netlist and using them together is recommended option. This approach would provide you flexibility to reuse these two in other...
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    Closed: Re: 1n6642 pspice model simulation

    You may want to 1N4148 instead. This appear to similar device and it's model is available with PSpice. You can also use PSpice Model Editor to develop Diode model.
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    Closed: Re: Help Needed on OrCad Downlod Versions

    No You do not need any of these for OrCAD Demo software.
  19. Closed: Re: Where are spice model (.lib) files in Orcad Capture CIS Lite?

    For schematic targeted for PSpice simulation one must use capture symbol libraries from ../tools/capture/library/PSpice/ folder. I suspect you are using symbols from ../tools/capture/Libray folder...
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    Closed: Re: Error in orcad capture

    This message is shown if a symbol in part library has been updated after creation of design. Capture stores a copy of schematic symbol in it's design cache, and when a new instance of same is placed...
  21. Closed: Re: Design of PWM for Cuk Converter using LM5025

    Can you share the circuits (as suggested by Mvaseem) or complete circuit (where two of these modules are connected)? This would enable people to have a closure look.
    Meanwhile - try following...
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    Closed: Re: transformer design in pspice

    You can use magnetic parts editor to create and use your own magnetic material. You can use this method to create iron core material and use Power transformer to design 50Hz transformer.
    If your...
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    Closed: Re: Cadence 16.5 and pcb

    Select "open board in OrCAD PCB Editor" radio button in create netlist > PCB Editor tab (this can found in bottom most section of dialog). This would launch PCB Editor in demo mode and you should...
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    Closed: Re: OrCad Capture: Convergence Problem

    U1 and U4 need floating gate drive. One simple way to implement that in simulation is to use 4 voltage sources instead if two, and connect these to appropriate MOSFETs so that they refer to...
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    Closed: Re: Urgent help me Orcad using geneus

    Use all components from <installdir>/tools/capture/library/PSpice/*.olb while creating your schematic/circuit. Do not use components from the library presents under ...
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