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    Closed: Re: NMOS Transister problem

    Yep... ...
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    Closed: Re: NMOS Transister problem

    Yep. You've enough info on this. At edge of saturation general assumption is VGS = VDS. Use this in the Id formula find VGS and VDS. Then use that value and find VDS for the next calculation.
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    Closed: Re: read data from TSOP1738

    I don't think it follows UART protocol.... The PIN diode gets signal of frequency 38kHz converts it to pulses. The uP has to sample these pulses (using input pin or GPIO and decode the data being...
  4. Closed: Re: Comparison between STARTUP.A51 and INIT.A51 code in KEIL Compiler
    have the answer for all 3 of your questions.

    I've worked with code that doesn't use STARTUP.A51 and INIT.A51...
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    Closed: Re: read data from TSOP1738

    It is going to pulse the output based on the input it is receiving. The datasheet does have a input signal versus output signal timing diagram. Your uP has to sample it and find the data being sent....
  6. Closed: Re: USB CDC Serial sometimes slow to recv data

    The PC shouldn't get overwhelmed. Have you tried hooking up a CATC analyzer to see what is actually happening on the USB bus?
  7. Closed: Re: Why can't I add a bigger battery to a micro usb audio recorder??

    Yep. Most power supplies have this rating of x Voltage at y Current. For a cellphone battery or any dedicated battery for that matter since the expected load and stuff is known they might not be...
  8. Closed: Re: Any software USB possible for PIC16F877A?

    Why exactly do you want to go for a software USB? What is the end requirement?
  9. Closed: Re: How to interface with USB port using Visual C#?

    I haven't worked with video codec and stuff. The designs that I've seen used to have custom library to handle the conversion of raw data to video.
    The protocol would be constantly pumping data from...
  10. Closed: Re: usb not recognized with pic18f4550

    The host would expect the device to respond 100ms from the time it connects the pull-up on the line.
    I've seen bus-powered designs (Cypress FX2 used to run into this issue if the reset circuitry...
  11. Closed: Re: Why can't I add a bigger battery to a micro usb audio recorder??

    Especially info on the current that the 2 batteries are rated for....
  12. Closed: Re: workings of center tapped transformer

    It will be from A to G.

    The voltage induced is going to depend on the turns ratio. So 110 or 55 entirely depends on the number of turns in secondary to primary
  13. Closed: Re: how to convert a sine wave with 100mV Vpp to square wave with rail to rail?

    Use a comparator to convert the sine wave to square wave. You can fix the threshold based on the duty cycle that you want. Fix the swing of the comparator based on the peak to peak signal that you...
  14. Closed: Re: connection between analog & digital asic design

    Analog signals are not connected to digital signals straight away. There is either a ADC or a comparator in the middle based on the application.
  15. Closed: Re: How to interface with USB port using Visual C#?

    You might want to take a look at SuiteUSB 3.4 - USB Development tools for Visual Studio - Cypress Semiconductor .
    I've seen a few designs where the video data is pumped using a custom protocol which...
  16. Closed: Re: Using HID to communicate pic 18F4550 with PC via USB?

    If your host PC is windows then windows does expose ways of communicating with HID devices connected to usbhid.sys. I remember the native dll being usbhid.dll.
    You might also want to take a look at...
  17. Closed: Re: usb not recognized with pic18f4550

    You plug in the device, PC says "Device not recognized". You press reset to reload and the same code and now your device works fine. Is this what you're saying?
  18. Closed: Re: Why can't I add a bigger battery to a micro usb audio recorder??

    The current rating is something you might want to take a look at. Every battery has a compliance range within which it will easily provide the rated voltage. Say the cell phone circuit has a higher...
  19. Closed: Re: PIC18F4550 USB, Data overflow??? Help

    What device class are you using?? HID, Generic??
    What is your endpoint type??
    When you say you read the 2nd time say in PC1. Have you sent 2 packets from PC2 or have you just sent 1 and you're...
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    Closed: Re: Impedance on Audio Lines

    Impedance matching... Otherwise you're gonna run into reflection.
    This is something which can get pretty nasty for audio signals or any real-time signal analog signal.
  21. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Fuzzy logic introduction and implementation

    Fuzzy logic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  22. Closed: Re: PIC and universal serial bus(USB)

    endpoint is the buffer to which data can be sent to or received from.
    Pipe is a logical representation of communication with a particular endpoint.
  23. Closed: Re: Interview questions about ARM processor

    The memory and interfaces it had would be good for starters.
    Then it is mostly going to be based on the position you're applying. Most would be interested in how you debugged issues that you faced...
  24. Closed: Re: application of usb to rs232, rs422 and rs485 adopter in military

    Are you looking for a part number which can do this and is military graded or are you looking for an practical application in the military field??
  25. Closed: Re: How to transmit a file into a USB device

    If you are using an off the shelf product you'll have to parse the descriptor to understand what protocol it follows... since you are talking bulk transfer only i believe you are talking about MSC...
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