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    Closed: Re: Duty cycle detection

    Hi, thank you for this lighting fast feedback.
    Signal levels are 0 to 5V
    This is for an extension to a project discussed here last year ( where Vitoa...
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    Closed: Duty cycle detection

    I need to detect whether the duty cycle from a circuit drops below a certain value.
    Frequency: 2kHz
    Amplitude: TTL (0 to 5V)
    Step response: an hour or more (it is a very slow system), this is not...
  3. Closed: [moved]LM723 circuit diagram with 0-30V 0-3A output: proposal

    Here is a circuit diagram for a very simple but also very effective design for a PSU using LM723 and with an effective output of 0V as well as current limitation (0 to whatever maximum current you...
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