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  1. Closed: Re: Stuck at simulations of Amplifier in LTSpice

    I guess you're aware gain comes from a transistor?

    What amount of gain do you have now?
    What did you do to get that amount?
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    Closed: Re: Transformer coupled Class A amplifier

    When you turn on the transistor fully, it provides a low-resistance path to a supply rail, causing that supply rail to influence the output.

    When you turn off the transistor, it is high...
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    Closed: Re: X-rays on projection CRT

    Once upon a time every town had a TV repair shop. Technicians worked on tv's all day long. They were close to the screen, and close to the tubes.

    I asked one of them about exposure to rays from a...
  4. Closed: Re: Doing electronics on an office carpet (non ESD)

    Although he's not following the safest procedure...
    Sooner or later any electronic device is liable to static charge exposure, when you think about it.

    There's no comfortable way to critique...
  5. Closed: Re: Infection Simulator reading file problem cpp

    The code does a similar job as a 'robust' input routine. The purpose is to accept user keypresses, then convert ascii characters into proper data consisting of words and numbers.
    You must ensure...
  6. Closed: Re: Infection Simulator reading file problem cpp

    Perhaps you mean you want to parse long strings of alphanumerics? Then you must examine each character in sequence. Begin each datum as a null string.

    Build each datum by appending digits. When...
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    Closed: Re: Wrong output in HSpice

    Is the load a capacitor by itself? That can give a simulator trouble.

    Try changing the load to a resistor. Compare the simulator results. See if the problem goes away.

    Then change the load to...
  8. Closed: Re: Covergance Problem in Transient Bias Point Calculation

    10.00 GA indicates giga-Amps, correct? That's a very large value. Try putting resistors in series with capacitors. Your schematic has the power supply feeding a capacitor directly. The simulator...
  9. Closed: Re: Infection Simulator reading file problem cpp

    Create arrays:




    Where x = 1 to amount of entities.
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    Closed: Re: Class D amplifier circuit how to make

    Run a 555 timer IC to generate a pulse train.
    Apply varying voltage to pin 5. This alters duty cycle.
    It's the makings of a class D amplifier.


    The LC network acts as a low-pass filter,...
  11. Closed: Re: Determining Value of Capacitor Between PV Panel and DC-DC Convertor.

    Just to pull a figure out of a hat. I don't know whether 10V 0.5A is a realistic MPPT. Of course the converter must be designed to operate on parameters suited to the real PV panel's capabilities.
  12. Closed: Re: Determining Value of Capacitor Between PV Panel and DC-DC Convertor.

    Although a capacitor helps to smooth input current, consider making a complete LC filter.
    Say the most you can extract from your PV panel (at MPPT) is 1/2 A continually.

    The buck-boost converts...
  13. Closed: Re: How to adapt (normally) PCI Express x1 to work in PCIe Mini Slot

    Really positive news. Huge change from your previous (erased) post, huh? That's how it is with these newfangled computerized devices... They act in cryptic ways, and sometimes even perform a miracle.
  14. Closed: Re: Dont need a super accurate, super high bandwidth In Amp...

    A simple differential detector is a Wheatstone bridge.


    Anti-parallel led's act as visual indicators.
    In some cases you don't need the ground connection.

    Or, feed the left and right...
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    Closed: Re: Eye tracker with IR camera

    Feel welcome to ask at this public forum. Of course it's your choice if you you wish to maintain secrecy about certain aspects of your project. Review forum guidelines under the Rules tab.
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    Closed: Re: 100uA analogue meter conversion to 1A?

    Normally you install a shunt resistor across the meter. The shunt carries most of the current. Only a tiny amount goes through the meter (for yours it should be 100 uA max).

    A few inches of wire...
  17. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: P&R Buffer Reduction in a Shift Register

    Sorry, your Attachment 159421 expired. Try uploading it again in a new post, then submit the post immediately.
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    Closed: Re: Eye tracker with IR camera

    There are tiny cameras what can be mounted on eyeglasses. Take photographs of the eye as the subject looks up, down, left, right, and other directions that you wish to recognize. These photos become...
  19. Closed: Re: Alternative of this Mini DC Submersible Pump

    Consider having a tension-loaded mechanism, which dispenses the gel for half a second...
    Then the motor operates to reset it, taking 4 or 5 seconds. Thus there is not so much instantaneous demand on...
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    Closed: Re: How to build sample and hold circuit?

    Not sure if you're asking about this sort of arrangement? Two different layouts, with the capacitor in a leg close to a supply rail.


    Capacitor quickly matches signal voltage, then...
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    Closed: Re: Voltage drop advantage question

    Your schematic labels equal DC voltage in the input signals, therefore DC portion is common-mode and is cancelled (rejected) by the differential detector. So only the AC is amplified.
  22. Closed: Re: Looking for confirmation and real component values

    Your suggestion is probably feasible for your train layout as you describe it.

    Since the designer made his circuit more complicated however, a reasonable question arises: 'Is there a reason for...
  23. Closed: Re: Proteus simulation error. [SPICE] TRAN: Timestep too small; timestep = 1.25e-019

    Change your timestep to a larger number, so that about 1,000 or 10,000 fit into one time period of your circuit's switching frequency.

    1.25e-019 is such a small timestep that the simulation makes...
  24. Closed: Re: Looking for confirmation and real component values

    R1 R3 R4 need to carry a few mA so their value can be 2k to 10k ohms.

    R2 should be low enough ohms to turn on T1 fully.
    Say T1 gain is 50x and carries 2A max.
    Then it needs bias current 2/50...
  25. Closed: Re: Looking for confirmation and real component values

    T1 carries full current to the motors. It needs to be rated accordingly. (Probably a TO-3 PNP general purpose.)

    R1 R2 T2 are in the control circuit. They only need to carry small current, enough...
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