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    Closed: Re: Extracting energy from gyroscope precession

    I'm sorry, P99 but, IMHO, as soon as you connect any constraining mechanism to the precessing axle, and begin to extract work from system via that precession, the dynamics are totally changed.
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    Closed: Re: Extracting energy from gyroscope precession

    Came a bit late to thread but, IMHO, OP's query is akin to the rocket fallacy, 'In space, what does it push against ?'

    If you attach a crank to the top bearing of a slanted gyroscope, so...
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    Closed: Re: Minimize effect of IR bulbs on image

    Found them on Amazon...

    "IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Security LED Floodlight with Built-in Photocell Sensor 20W "
    "Weatherproof junction box"

    Please use due care with 'mains' wiring, fusing etc....
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    Closed: Re: Minimize effect of IR bulbs on image

    Faced with a similar situation for two pan/tilt IPCAMs and one 'trad' CCTV, I fitted our patio with an IR mini-floodlight with integral day/night photo-sensor.

    Tough, IP 65, drew 20 Watt, played...
  5. Closed: Re: Different robotic joint designs (fast/high torque/simple to manufacture)

    You've also got the issues of control and back-lash.

    Surprisingly, you may do well with high-end 'modelling' servo motors. Trivial to control, well documented performance, tough as hi-tensile...
  6. Closed: Re: measuring slow oscillations with magnetic methods

    Could you go the theremin route, and use the board's motion to modulate an ultrasonic or low-RF oscillator ?

    Think 'metal detector'...

    But I DO like the interferometer suggestion, provided you...
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    Closed: Re: Using Patent Ideas for Next Product

    Also, IIRC, if any product was made per that patent, or arguably related, there may be copyright issues, too.

    One problem is 'patent trolls', wrangling whom will cost you so much in legal fees,...
  8. Closed: Re: How to move metal elements via magnetic waves?

    I've seen some 'magic' tricks that relied on a mobile magnet under table, though I cannot recall detail or source.

    One, IIRC, was technically a home-brewed 'linear motor', hidden in a plywood...
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    Closed: Re: Possessed IGBT will not turn ON

    Too many years ago, when I was into amateur robotics, I'd a home-brew motor-drive board which inspected & tested clean, yet would not work...

    Much baffled searching later, I found a hairline fault...
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    Closed: Re: Using a potentiometer to measure arcseconds.

    Hi !
    IMHO, measuring stellar parallax is HARD, which is why it had to wait until the mid-19th Century for large optical instruments and, after the first successful determinations, photography to...
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    Closed: Re: SD Card not showing 4 GB

    There is also possibility that a 'budget' SD card is a fake, with much less capacity than advertised.
    Due care, please ??
  12. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Would high voltage AC switches with LEDs work for low voltage

    Could OP's LED be a 'bidirectional' (back to back) driven via a small capacitor rather than a resistor ?

    Much less heating...
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    Closed: Re: Driving a buzzer using a transistor

    Sorry, bit late to thread, but may I mention that an 'old fashioned buzzer', one with relay-like operation, really, really needs a protective diode across its coil to prevent back-emf zapping the...
  14. Closed: Re: NPN is bahaving as oscillator when used with DALI comms bus

    Um, I don't know about DALI, but the configuration looks a lot like MIDI, where opto-isolation was obligatory, even for the shortest, simplest connection.

    We're talking 'Murphy's Law' here:...
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    Closed: Re: Question about transmitter

    could you mcgyver something using an existing attic or outdoor aerial to feed a scratch-wound 'search coil' to tickle your sensor ?

    ( Ducks those Hams and RF folk throwing rotten tomatoes due...
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    Closed: Re: Corrosion issues in stud mounted parts

    "Is it fine to simply screw the package into a drilled and tapped heat-sink without using a nut?"

    Not my field so 'IMHO', but I'd worry about getting adequate thermal contact between the package...
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    Closed: Re: Spark plug for spark gap

    There's a recent thread discussing spark-gaps that might be relevant...
  18. Closed: Re: MOSFET is not turning off perfectly at high frequencies

    Has your drive circuit enough 'push-pull' ooomf to overcome the MOSFET gate's capacitance at that speed, yet not introduce 'ringing' inductance ??
  19. Closed: Re: Where can I get my transmitter/microwave link tested

    Not only the 'frequency police', but the 'performing rights' folk will be after you.

    Former would merely 'seize, smash and fine'. Latter will so sue you down to your sox...

    D'you wonder...
  20. Closed: Re: Laser Security System not working on Proteus Schematic

    Slightly off topic, related laser systems are often used as smoke detectors.

    On our site, one sprawling production building's vast roof space held huge aircon systems etc etc. Also, much data...
  21. Closed: Re: Is EM at very low frequency like 20Hz propagates slower?

    The 'High End Audio' scene is weird...

    'Highest Fidelity' audiophiles will happily buy and fit hugely expensive 'triple gold plated' jumper cables -- For a digital link !!

    I'm convinced that...
  22. Closed: Re: Design of Spiral inductor(LItz wire) on PCB

    I was thinking more of the 'shop security' coils you find sandwiched in plastic and stuck to goods...

    Such a whatsit's cousin could be mounted like a heat-sink.

    ( Yes, yes, I know...
  23. Closed: Re: Help to make circuit for Nerve Stimulation Device

    "I thought they are quack devices."

    Sadly, they are often touted as a 'panacea', which they are NOT.
    But, used appropriately, they can ease muscle cramps, persistent pain, slow-healing breaks...
  24. Closed: Re: Problem with oscillation on receiver audio stages

    I'm a bit rusty, but this looks like an 'AofE' case where even 'good practice' does not suffice, and you must put ferrite beads on several strategic components...

    First, though, please do the...
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    Closed: Re: Offshoring development services

    Slightly off-topic, but off-shoring can come back to bite you when you lose team continuity, or need to upgrade the project for new hardware, browser or OS version...

    eg Some years ago, I did a...
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