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    Closed: Industry grade soil moisture sensor

    Which soil moisture sensor you use for industry grade project? I'm looking for with at least 3% accuracy and low power project (3.3-5v)

    I tried to search some on mouser and digikey but did not...
  2. Closed: LoRa nodes and simultaneously communication with LoRa Gateway

    I'm learning LoRa did not get answer to a question

    For example if I have a Gateway that supports 8 nodes in parallel (node could be SX1276/78 or any other node, or you can recommend some for such...
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    Closed: Re: Uploaded file showing 0 bytes

    could be the reason, you are doing something wrong while sending data.
    its successful to create the file but data was not transferred correctly so file stays empty, or if data is too small then open...
  4. Closed: Re: [moved] How to find the register address of a slave device

    Looks like OP wanted to know how to send register address, if so it would be like this

    Writting to register
    I2C1_Init(100000); // initialize I2C communication
    I2C1_Start(); ...
  5. Closed: Re: Need help to interface TFT LCD with HX8357 with MCU Cortex M3

    Yes i know those config options, but if you follow the datasheet all configuration pins and other inputs are not available on header, so you are limited to what you have on header. Try to take out...
  6. Closed: Re: Need help to interface TFT LCD with HX8357 with MCU Cortex M3

    I believe this TFT only supports 16 bit parallel interface for LCD driver, it has SPI interface for touch panel and SD card
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    Closed: Re: Arduinos nano wireless sensor network

    If its a noisy environment wifi is not a good choice. check with lora modules
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Battery charging question

    I learned how to calculate current for the battery, but i did not understand how did you calculate volts to charge a battery, for example if want to charge 5v 1A battery how will i calculate the...
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    Closed: Re: USB to wireless USB, is it possible?

    With wifi module? sorry i did not understand, my CNC can connect with USB, how will i communicate with ESP8266 to USB, what i understand PC wifi to ESP8266 then ESP to USB.

    I also found many...
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    Closed: USB to wireless USB, is it possible?


    I'm setting up CNC machine that can work with USB cable. I want to place CNC machine away from my lab because of noise and dust. What i want to do is that if I connect some wireless module to...
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    Closed: Re: [moved] help about oscilloscope

    another good place is youtube search with name and model and you will find lots of information.
  12. Closed: Re: TCP/IP based secure protocol for Home Automation

    Hi, @nikhildascl did you find any solution? thanks
  13. Closed: Re: What is this door state sensor and how it works

    I'm sorry if it sounds like asking somebody to develop for me, must be because of my poor English, what do you think is better option to put device on sleep or switch on device by reed switch...
  14. Closed: Re: What is this door state sensor and how it works

    You are right it will take too much effort to understand some sensor available in market, i also thought about using reed switch and rf based module, but difficulty on this side is that, i have to...
  15. Closed: Re: What is this door state sensor and how it works

    I want to integrate with PIC MCU that means I will have to add some module to communicate with that
  16. Closed: Re: What is this door state sensor and how it works

    thanks for reply, @dpaul I'm looking for wireless solution, @barry I'm further looking on datasheets of sensors though it does not look like it has enough information in it.
  17. Closed: What is this door state sensor and how it works

    I want to develop small home security application, I came across some cheap solutions for door state detection at aliexpress and ebay but they need wire with that and there are some zwave sensor bit...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: PIC to PC communication and value storage

    You did not mention what language you are using on PC side, as almost everyone recommended best way is to communicate on Serial Port, for example if you use C# it has lots of built in libraries you...
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    Closed: Re: Automatic Toilet Control

    You can use timer interrupt, take every pulse as input to TMR0 and count on interrupt, you can also count steps needed to open and close in this case you don't need any external source to get...
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    Closed: Re: PIC18F4550 Substitute?

    i believe PIC18LF45K50 is bit updated form and 18LF14K50 smaller package with usb
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    Closed: Re: ESP8266 communicating on IO pins

    and what i understand is, this module can be directly programmed by arduino ide. i was looking at its datasheet what are the program pins?
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    Closed: Re: ESP8266 communicating on IO pins

    I would like to learn both methods to select most suitable
    @srizbf can you please bit explain what IDE to use for code, and how to program memory chip located beside?

    @santoshaxl your method...
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    Closed: ESP8266 communicating on IO pins

    Hi, I have done some basic work with module ESP8266 like serial communication, I found some projects on internet where IO of this module was used to communicate with DS18B20 and DHT22 sensors.

  24. Closed: Selecting IoT service for a ESP8266 based project


    I just started working on a project where I want to see humidity and temperature sensor reading from remote location(web), I also want to turn on/off LEDs. This project is for learning...
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    Closed: Re: Suitable IC for multiplexing MCU pins

    I have't decided any yet, will post here my final decision. However @FvM's advise to use multi gate, looks more workable as its cheap.
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