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  1. Closed: 16 Gb USB Stick (Maxell) not being formatted


    I have a 16 GB USB (flash drive stick) which is not being formatted. The computer does detect it on inserting in the usb port. but there is no size being shown. I tried to format using...
  2. Closed: Re: Need inputs on ddr supply voltage decreasing levels from ddr to ddr4

    Greetings Sushl

    DRAM power is governed by both the supply voltage
    and operating clock frequency: Power ∝ Voltaдe

    I have pasted the above statement from the paper in this link....
  3. Closed: how to install workloads of C++ tools in the Visual Studio 2017 Express

    Kindly guide me about how to install C++ components into Visual Studio 2017 15.9.6

    The building gives error regarding not identifying the Cout command of C++

    I tried to install the workloads as...
  4. Closed: Re: Modbus ASCII applications and its difference with Modbus RTU

    Greetings KlausST

    Yes, i have read this link too. And not really, this link does not talk much about the queries that i have stated above. My queries have risen basically because i have not...
  5. Closed: Re: How does this code of c++ gives the output??

    hi Rahul, (Kaise ho?)

    I am guessing that this Code's basic purpose is to highlight the same difference of results that you are getting. The reason of "8" in the result is the way C++ reads and...
  6. Closed: Modbus ASCII applications and its difference with Modbus RTU

    Greetings nicest people on earth,

    I am reading about Modbus Protocol. Through internet reading, i got to know about the types of Modbus.
    Now my question are:

    1: Where is Modbus ASCII used...
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    Closed: Honeywell Experion programming help

    I am doing programming in a DCS from Honeywell using Experion PKS Release 430
    This software has its own Control Execution Environment and Control Builder.

    I wish to transfer an analog value (PV)...
  8. Closed: cant find network driver for windows server 2008 r2

    i have recently installed windows server 2008 r2 on a desktop with an intel core i3 2100 cpu 3.1 GHz. The mother board is DH61WW__

    prior to formatting the old windows, i had checked the name of...
  9. Closed: load online changes option missing in SIMATIC PCS7 V7.1 SP3

    Hi, I have PCS7 from SIMATIC (SIEMENS). IT has the WINCC Explorer 7.0 in it. I am required to use a feature of "load online changes". This feature allows one computer to make the changes in the...
  10. Closed: Re: proteus error for IC 10158

    Hi Milan.Rajik

    I selected my component (10158 IC) and then clicked on configure power rails in the design menu. There I saw the VCC2 (It was in the unconnected power nets list. So i clicked on...
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    Closed: Re: Help choosing a proper motor

    you can find a very very tiny motor inside any old cell phone. Motors in mobile phones are used for vibration. That motor will only require about 1 volt or so to operate. And very little current.
  12. Closed: proteus error: no power supply specified for net vcc2 in power rail configuration

    I am using proteus 7.6 and trying to use a data selector IC 10158. But this component has some problem. When run, the proteus gives error: no power supply specified for net vcc2 in power rail...
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    Closed: help support for microwin

    I have a microwin 3.2 for Siemens PLC S7-200. The problem is that this software does not have the help in it. Can this help feature be downloaded seperately and then added into the software. I have...
  14. Closed: how to program td200 of siemens with s7 200

    Does any one have any simple sample program that would enable me to understand how to program the td200 with s7-200. The siemens website provides a manual that does not help much.
  15. [SOLVED]Closed: name of books on interfacing standards & techniques (based on practical applications)

    Is there any (comprehensive) book having practical and technical information on the presently used interfacing and communication techniques used. Like for example, having the info on:

    what is a...
  16. Closed: i have a dell optiplex Gx280. Its not turning on. and the power light appears orange

    I have a Gx280 dell. It first started the problem of fan speed increasing violently. This kept on for some days. Later, it came to the point that it is not even turning on. The power button's light,...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: what is PG in PLC systems?

    Recently heard about PC/PG interface in PLC?
    PC is Personal Computer but what is PG?

    Thanks in advance
  18. Closed: The antivirus detects exploit.DWT as a virus. this is found in proteus setup.

    I really need the proteus 7.6. But i dont want to infect my PC. My friend faced alike issue. His antivirus automatically deleted some file, and then the proteus did not work. If this file is not a...
  19. [SOLVED]Closed: what is mdds? And what is pcn? seen at intel's site

    is mdds short form for saying motherboard? I was searching for microprocessors on intel site where isaw these tervms. pls explain.
  20. [SOLVED]Closed: my TurboC IDE has corrupted for no reason

    I have Windows Xp.
    I have to use TurboC++ as an academic requirement. It was working fine. And then one day, when i turned it on, it did not start as usual. Instead, there was a grey screen with...
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    Closed: while condition in do while loop

    Can someone pls make me understand this:

    printf("enter temperature for day %d: ",day);
  22. Closed: using remainder in PIC programming using C.

    MA4=MASTER; //MA4 is an unsigned int32. Master is a float.
    MA3=(MA4%1000000); //e.g. If MA4 is 123456 then what will the
    MA4=(MA4/1000000); //MA1, MA2, MA3 and MA4 have at...
  23. Closed: Re: what happens when increase the resistance using in the measuring resistance?

    The effect is of variation in current being fed to the output. Using a high resistance will result in more current being fed towards the output. But if you use the isolation between the measuring...
  24. Closed: Which international certification is good for C programming?

    I have recently developed interest in the field of computer and IT. Some one told me to start by learning C. I wish to know whether there is any internationally recognized certification that i can go...
  25. Closed: printing on screen, some Alphabets using Turbo C


    void main(void) //|_Muhammad Furqan__|
    int j = 0; //|____10-2-2013_____|
    for(int i=1;i<=7;i++)
    for(int n=65 ; n<72 ; n++) //...
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