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    Closed: LED TV backlight tester

    some time ago i needed a portable power supply that could lit led arrays so i can test various tv sets brought to my repair shop,so i decided to built one.this little device works perfect for 2-3...
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    Closed: Re: Home made electronic microscope

    thank you all for your nice words..i must say that i tryied different types of illumination and a ''ring'' type pcb with leds around the camera but the result was not satisfying for me,to be able to...
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    Closed: Home made electronic microscope

    some time ago i made an electronic microscope for pcb inspection. since there is no video of the construction that time, i made one presenting it and showing how it uses a cheap webcam and...
  4. Closed: Re: ultraviolet led box -for making pcb's @ home

    thanks for your good comments..indeed that printer cover looks like it was designed for that project..thanks again.:thumbsup:
  5. Closed: Re: ultraviolet led box -for making pcb's @ home

    you might be right, but the average waiting time that worked good for my pcb exposure was about 1-2 minutes,so i dont mind waiting this least i dont need to be faster than this..also the time...
  6. Closed: ultraviolet led box -for making pcb's @ home

    ultraviolet exposure device i built few months ago. it is controled by an arduino pro mini and has a 7 segment display to show the set and remaining exposure time. it uses ultraviolet leds(49...
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