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  1. Closed: [moved] Working in Internet of things

    Hello, everyone. I am a student in computer development and I am really interested in the Internet of Things. I have made three IOT projects and now I am thinking about my professional future. The...
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    Closed: powering a mini pump using a GPIO pin

    hi everyone. My raspberry GPIO pin generate 3v 40ma and i am wondring if i can use a booster step up to power up a mini pump (12v 0.5a) using the GPIO pin with this booster step up without using the...
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    Closed: hx744 load cell weight node red

    Hi everyone. I'm still a beginner and I'm preparing a program that displays the current weight on node red using a load cell and hx711 and raspberry pi3. I have the python program that calculates the...
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    Closed: artificial Intelligence with plants

    Hi everyone I'm trying to make a project using raspbery Pi 3 with an artificial intelligence program inside and aiming to do something related to a plant.i found some application that can reconize...
  5. Closed: How to judge the drinkability of water whatever its nature

    I would like to design a system that allows to judge the potability of water after having made a certain number of measurements with the available sensors such as the PH sensor, turbidity,...
  6. Closed: Measure DC current of a motor using an Arduino nano

    i am trying to mesure the curent of a 12v DC motor using an arduino nano. i used this diagram


    i used this code

    void setup() {
    void loop() {
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    Closed: solar battery charger

    Hi everyone

    So this is a circuit of a charge regulator for solar panels. the aim is to charge the battery with 14V then 13V after a moment before its totaly charged. To do so we will need the...
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    Closed: Re: Example of using Mofset driver

    thank you for answering me mr klausst. the Capacitor C1 is used to remove any unwanted noise/spikes.

    i still dont understand how the driver mosfet works especialy when its about knowing how the...
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    Closed: Example of using Mofset driver

    Hi everyone.Here is a a circuit showing how a "PWM Solar Charge controler" works. the principal work of this controler is using arduino's PWM to switch on the transistor 2N3904 to let the 12V battery...
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