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Recent content by Zorah_Ahmad

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    Solidworks design study query

    I'm new to Solidworks and I am attempting to carry out a design study. I carried out a static analysis as shown in figure q As you can see the max deflection is 3.752 um whereas the min deflection is -1.054 e-7 m. I wanted to optimize certain dimensions such that the displacement of 3.752 um is...
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    Geometry query regarding rotation HFSS (random text to achieve 25 character limit)

    I'm trying to connect this flexure between two masses. I make the flexure horizontally and then proceed to rotate it by 5 degrees across Z axis relative to a coordinate system at the base of the flexure. However, when I rotate it the ends no longer meet the mass. How do I overcome this?
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    How to define excitation and boundary condition of a dual and quad output switch?

    I am attempting to recreate and reproduce the work of a researcher, in HFSS, on a dual and quad output switch, and would like some insights into how to implement the boundary conditions and excitations respectively. I have an attached an image of the device. The distances between the central...
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    Distance between unit cells in an RF MEMS phase shifter.

    Does the distance between the unit cells in an RF MEMS DMTL phase shifter affect the RF characteristics of the phase shifter?
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    Measuring phase shift

    I designed MEMS phase shifter and am now observing the phase shift by checking S(2,1) parameter -angle degree. Is this correct and can I observe the change in phase in HFSS?
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    Capacitance from S parameters

    Im trying to design a SOI MUMPS RF varactor for Ka-band applications
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    S parameters in HFSS

    I'm designing a switch in HFSS. I need some help understanding the results. The S parameters are for a switch in OFF state. I understand that S(1,1) nearly being 0 means that the switch is off and all power is reflected. What I'd like to understand is why is the curve shaped this way? and what...
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    Capacitance from S parameters

    How do you find Capacitance from S parameters in HFSS?
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    RF MEMS phase shifter design

    How do i convert an RF MEMS varactor design to a phase shifter?
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    Interdigitated Capacitor

    How do I design an interdigitated capacitor in HFSS?
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    Interdigitated capacitors

    How do interdigitated capacitors work?

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