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    I need J-Link clone with full version of its server

    jlink clone Contact with me ,sunjiangbo@163.com
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    Help: Who can help me download this page and upload here ?

    https://geocities.com/vjkemp/gbcam.htm thanks!
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    Looking for a PC based USB 2.0 Oscilloscope Project

    https://www.elektroda.pl/eboard/viewtopic.php?p=212121#212121 this is a usb1.1 Oscilloscope
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    PC Based Oscilloscope Design

    usb oscilloscope circuit This is a scope with USB interface
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    onhold- an ATA/ATAPI CDROM application using a 8051 based

    8051 project atapi thank you ebenni , this project has a new version, the author adds LCD display , i saw it a long time ago,but now it become a commerical project , the new version file has been deleted ,you can search in google . if some body have the new version file ,please shere ?
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    lptscope with ADC0820

    adc0820 Can U upload here?, i can not brows the sites.Thank you

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