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Recent content by ZengLei

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    How to make a low jitter square with a very pure sine?

    I have a very pure 10MHZ sine wave~~~phase noise=130dbc@1khz but i need 6 CHANNEL 10MHZ very low jitter clock~~~(SQUARE) 1: SINE WAVE--->High speed comparator(ex:LT1719)-->74AHC14--->SQUARE*6 2:SINE WAVE--->74AHC14--->SQUARE*6 SO My question is which way could get the less jitter square...
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    Questions about Delay Line~

    Hi,all In where we shuold use a Delay Line? How many kinds of Delay Lines now in the market? I want to delay my signal about 0.5ns,i searched on the internet,Only found MAxim has the delay line product,are there any other manufacturers offer Delay Line? Is is possible to delay a...
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    Are there any free softwares for designing passive L-C filte

    Hi,all Are there any free softwares for designing passive L-C filter(butterwoth,bessel,linear phase shift,ellipse....). many thanks~~~~~
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    How to measure the insertion loss of a filter?

    How to measure the insertion loss of a filter? Is it ture that the active filter do not have the parameter Insertion Loss,it just belong to the passive filter?
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    Questions ABOUT the phase noise OF PLL~~

    For A PLL,THE PD,LPF,VCO which makes the greatest contribution to the phase noise of a pLL ? Any materials about how the phase noise come out? what's it definition? and in general,what's the most effective way to diminish the phase noise of a pll or a oscillation circuitry. thanks
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    input:12V/4A output:-16V/2A which DC/DC IC could be used?

    what happens + 12v input to 16v output I need a cheap and small one~~ thanks~~
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    what's a ferrite bead? Is it a Inductor?

    ferrite bead lossy I often see that many persons use a ferrite bead to connect analog gud and digitial gnd,what'a a ferrite bead? in a circuit it's symble is the same toa inductor,, soo,Ferrite Bead=Inducor??
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    How to enlarge the SlewRate of a amp as possible as we can?

    i want to build a Power amp with discrete element myself,but i've ideas about how to make the slew rate of the amp as bigger as i could ?
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    what's the differences between Accuracy and Precision?

    A Instrument for measurement has 2 parameters: Accuracy & Precision what's their differences???
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    The noise of a ADC~~~~

    What's the Code-Transition Noise of a ADC? What's the Noise free code resolution of a ADC and how to get it ? for eaxmple: a 16 bit ADC,its peak-peak noise the input terminal is 8LSB,and the Noise free code resolution is 13bit ?So how to get the result of 13 bit? Why the noise reduce the...
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    How to make a noise source in pspice?

    i want to analyze the noise performance of my circuit,but i can't find any noise sources in pspice and i need pink noise and white noise source~~ so ,how to make it in pspice? thanks
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    How to build a simple white noise generator ?

    white noise generator ic I got one as below: https://www.maxim-ic.com/appnotes.cfm/an_pk/3469
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    How to build a simple white noise generator ?

    build white noise generator en~~~ i see many circuitry use the zener diode as the white noise source~~~~~
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    How to build a simple white noise generator ?

    diode noise generator How to build a simple white noise generator ? i want to build a simple one ,so i can understand the white noise thoroughly. any suggestions or circuitry? thanks
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    How to test the signal with ultra-low frequency??

    ultra low-frequency generator russian Hi All: i bought a Digital Waveform Generator of DG3121 https://www.rigolna.com/products_dg3000.aspx It can generate a sine & square waveform with the frequency of 1uHZ! So i want to check whether it can or not produce such a low frequncy...

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