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Recent content by yurble_vn

  1. yurble_vn

    Reduction of welding noise

    electrical noise from welder I don't get it. A little more special please many thanks
  2. yurble_vn

    Reduction of welding noise

    Dear all, I'm going to build a small controller work in welding environment, and the trouble is the noise in this environment. Is there anyone has experience in the welding noise reducing ? Any suggestion is welcome too Thanks,
  3. yurble_vn

    Can I save excel spreadsheet into formatted plain text file?

    Re: a simple question Just select all the data in excel and paste to txt editor. It will be separate by a tab character if you wan to have a comma delimited, or space delimited, just go to save as and select text (comma delimited) or text (space delimited)
  4. yurble_vn

    Simulink in MATLAB for control engineering

    Try this book: A Guide to MATLAB: For Beginners and Experienced Users (Paperback) (send me a PM for book) Here is a brief description:
  5. yurble_vn

    PWM voltage drop in a motor controller (AT89S5 and L293 H-Bridge)

    Re: PWM voltage dropped 600mA OUTPUT CURRENT CAPABILITY = the IC can drive a 600mA current continuously. The maxium current always go with a peak time.
  6. yurble_vn

    Wireless protocol for microcontrollers?

    is there anyone hear about mesh networking ? what is it ? I'm going to build a miscellaneous wireless networks. The require is that: 1. more than 500units. 2. unit just communicate with other who nearby 5m. 3. unit will go around to find other unit has the same parameter. (I do it for a...
  7. yurble_vn

    RF transmitter and receiver IC

    Thanks all for helping, To phoenixdk: Yes, that is what exactly I'm seeking for. Don't be angry, I just ask, Is there any other series of this kind of IC? Just for a wide range of selection. Any way, thanks
  8. yurble_vn

    RF transmitter and receiver IC

    rf receiver ic Thanks for helping, The problem is that, I'm currently not in USA. In my country, there are no such kind of module or chip in market, so I have to ship it from singapore. So chip is the best solution for me at this moment. Once again, thanks for helping.
  9. yurble_vn

    RF transmitter and receiver IC

    mouser rf transmitter 433mhz I know it is such a stupid question but I really need help. I'm going to build a microcontroller net, a wireless with rf. but I do not have a any experience with RF circuit so I decide to use IC instead of design a circuit. The problems is that, I know no rf...

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