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    Jsurf on stripe (HFSS)

    hfss jsurf Hello! I'm calculating ComplexMag_Jsurf for stripe lying on undercoat in the field of plane wave. What should I prefer in this case: "solve inside" or "assign DC thickness"? Material of stripe is nickel, thickness 0.01 mm, width 2 mm. In the case of setting DC-thickness, should I...
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    Incident wave and its power?

    wave incident power formula Ok! Using filed calculator will do, even it will be solution of inverse problem. Thanks a lot!
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    Incident wave and its power?

    hfss waveguide power density I see. So, if I have source of radiation with power P kW, wave is propagating through rectangular waveguide with cross-section of axb mm, how I can determine filed intensity v/m at waveguide's output? Losses are negligible. Is there some formula?
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    Incident wave and its power?

    hfss mag jsurf Hi! I'm solving problem with plane incident wave passing through rectangular airbox which has radiation boundary condition. In the middle of airbox is placed microstrip. I'm analyzing surface current (Complex Mag Jsurf) on it. In real life incident wave produced by klystron and...

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