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Recent content by yamato96

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    power calculation for diy incubator

    I have seen lots of tutorials on the web about coolers with incandescent lamps in as a thermal heater.... how can i calculate the minimum power requirement in watts for x volume incubator to reach/maintaing a y temperature...is there a formula ? solution ? a rule ?
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    problems in repairing a 600VA offline UPS

    Hi guys, my ups broke down - a Mustek PowerMust 600VA offline. Learned is made by Centralion and is marketed also as a Ippon Back office 600va. Obviously first checked the SLA batt- discharged but ok(chargeable), then the fuse - ok also. Then i suspected off the DPDT relay, i replaced it and...
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    I want to build a controllable high voltage power supply

    If it works, its very dangerous !!!! Be carefull and take all the precautions!!!!!
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    Battery Sizing Calculation

    here we all win. have a nice christmas.
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    Battery Sizing Calculation

    to use a android aplication called electrodroid, wich is an app that has several electronic resources and calculators, and one of them is a extensive table of diferent cell coin batterys with their size name, chemistry, physical size and nominal capacity, u need a electronic device that uses the...
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    Battery Sizing Calculation

    thread question is " . Can someone point me to the steps on how to find the appropriate battery? "8-O
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    Battery Sizing Calculation

    if u have an android cellphone or tablet, go to playstore and install the electrodroid app, its free and as a table.of dif. batts with their sizes and capacity. Else just digg in the web. godspeed.
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    Idea for Wall Clock Synchronization

    cellphone towers broadcast hour and info to cellphones, u get good cellphone signal almost everywere in any contry, but i fear costs of implementing such a great hack in a clock hould make better and cheaper just hang a cellphone on the wall.
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    Idea for Wall Clock Synchronization

    i have crossed with some articles in mags that exploit clock sinc trough a radio signal, where in europe the sistem is called DCF77 and the signal is emited from germany to the rest of center europe. u just get a dcf77 receiver module and use it on ur circuit. very usefull sistem cause u ensure...
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    Assist me in designing a high current variable voltage switch mode power supply

    Visit www.bcae1.com and goto to the chapter of the switching power supply, i mean this guy as even explained the diferent toroid materials, dissected the tl594, it cover all the basics. just go there and dive!!!! ps.. sorry the previous bad url...
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    Power Good(OK) Circuit References?

    a 2 min check on ti website .... https://www.ti.com/product/tl7700, sample available and in dip package!!
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    [SOLVED] How to measure speed of wind and its direction using micro-controller??

    regarding direction of wind i recal reading an elecktor articule about a hall efect based ic that reads angular position and used in like potentiometers or knobs. its an austrian company, .....wait....let me check the bin magazine aside the toilet ....... i remember!!!!!! **broken link...
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    Need 24volt battery charger with 50Amps current

    no one uses the sg3525??????? im dumb, i do !!!! im so new to power electronics and already outdated.... what is used then now cheaply, reliable and easy to deploy???? Cause less then 4 mm qfn power ic's are not. and the electromagnetics rules and laws are surely the same...
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    Power Good(OK) Circuit References?

    All pg circuits ive crossed by are based on 2 comparators. if the need for a 1.8v dc surveillance is due a specific ic demand , maybe a voltage supervisor ic would worth some checking. good luck.

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