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Recent content by whlinfei

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    layout extraction precision

    Hi All, I am using calibre 2010.2_13.12. there is an option in the PEX option-database-presicion, where one can specify precision and resolution. but no unit is given for these two. any one can help to explain how to interpret these two numbers ? thanks in advance. whlinfei
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    RF IC layout inverter signal routing

    Hi all, I am doing the layout for a RF cmos inverter chain. As the inverter gets bigger, the distance between the leftest and rightest finger becomes quite large. around 30um. the circuit operates at around 1.6GHz. Can I connect all the fingers together and route the input signal at the...
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    transmitter spectral density

    Hi Vfone, thanks for the reply. I want to know that what I can do with my transient output signal. since the data is in time domain, I have to do some transform to get the spectrum. But I am not sure how to do that. Please help on that. Thank you. Best Regards, whlinfei
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    transmitter spectral density

    Hi, I have run the transient simulation on a polar modulated transmitter. How I can get the power spectral density of the output signal? thanks in advance. regards, whlinfei
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    What's the difference between vector/simple signal generator

    Re: vector signal generator Hi I want to test a polar transmitter, EER PA. What kind of signal generator should I use and how can I synchronize the envelope path with the phase phase ? Thanks. Best Regards, whlinfei
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    How to generate baseband QPSK signal?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to generate baseband QPSK signal in candence? I need a baseband signal to drive my PA. And I don't have access to SPW. Thank you. Best Regards, whlinfei
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    how to measure the out psd by spectreRF?

    Re: how to measure psd Hi, I don't know if you know how to plot the PSD using cadence? I have encountered the same problem. The plot I got from the function "psdbb" is very different from the plot in the manual, after envelope simulation. Do you have any suggestion or manual that I could...
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    create a PWL file in cadence

    Hi all, I want to generate a QPSK signal to drive my Power amplifier. Please tell how to generate a PWL as the input signal. Thanks. Best Regards, whlinfei
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    gate associated capacitance

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I am doing RF design. is your approach applicable to that ? All I have to do is to run AC analysis ? Thanks in advance. Best Regards, whlinfei
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    gate associated capacitance

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to get the gate associated capacitance? I tried DC operating point, but I don't know what those parameters stand for. Is there any other ways I can get the gate related cap? Thanks in advance. Best Regards, whlinfei
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    questions about RF power amplifiers and non-constant envelope signals

    Hi, I understand constant envelope can be amplified using switched mode PA. But I couldn't find any literature using switching PA to amplifier QPSK signal. I think biff44's answer is right. Thank you anyway. Best Regards, whlinfei
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    questions about RF power amplifiers and non-constant envelope signals

    Hi, Could you tell me what type of QPSK modulation is ? constant-envelope or non? if it is constant envelope, why can't I use switching PA instead? Because all the literature I have read said otherwise. And I don't understand the real reason behind that. thanks in advance. Best Regards...
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    questions about RF power amplifiers and non-constant envelope signals

    Hi, I am using a QPSK modulation. Based on the literature I have gone through, it is supposed to be a non-constant envelope due to filtering. So I have to use a linear RFPA to amplifier the signal. I am curious that since the envelope variance is caused by phase change only, why can't I just...
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    some questions on QPSK and transmitters

    Hi, thank you. But if I use a switching amplifier with a output filter, I also can get a non-constant envelope signal due to the shape change at the symbol transition. I am a bit confused about why we have to use a linear amplifier to amplifier QPSK signal while we can just deploy a filter to...
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    QPSK , help needed about its types

    Hi, if these is no need for information about the amplitude, why do we need a linear amplifier to amplifier the signal? Why not just a switching PA? Thank you. Best Regards, whlinfei

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