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    How to increase voltage 5-12?

    sc2603 chip from semtech If you want to boost the 5V to 12V DC, there are many ICs which works as a boost switching mode power supply, such as the SC2603 chip from semtech, it is easy to achieve your goal.
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    To calculate the capacity of decoupling capacitor

    calculating current capacity of capacitor For the first one, if you want to determine the capacitance for decoupling. You have to know how much margin the voltage drop is for the MCU or some other devices that the decoupling capacitor is used for. Generally, you also have to know the inrush...
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    un-sufficient AM modulation index under large signal

    modulation index in am I do not believe that this is because of the wrong setup of the signal generator or FSA. Actually, I think this maybe caused by the voltage of the modulation input. And I am trying now. You know, the RF signal is actually generated by some kind of mixer inside, not the...
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    un-sufficient AM modulation index under large signal

    location of modulation index in signal Hallo, I have a problem of the un-sufficient AM modulation index under large signal generated by RF signal generator. The test setup is as follows: I use HP33120A arbitrary waveform generator to create the digital baseband signal(2KHz) for the ASK...

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