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Recent content by wangrunlai

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    Help me design a divide-by-5 sequential circuit with 50% duty cycle.

    Re: divide by 5 module DIV5(rst_i, clk_i, div_clk_o); input rst_i; input clk_i; output div_clk_o; reg div_clk_o; reg [2:0] count; always@(posedge clk_i or posedge rst_i) if(rst_i) count <= 3'd0; else if(count == 3'b4) count <= 3'd0; else count <= count + 1'b1; always(posedge clk_i or...
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    TSMC physical library problem?

    could u plz tell me whether the phantom gds can go though the entire design flow?
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    TSMC Design Kit of Artisan

    tsmc design kit 18 for tsmc of astisan 0.18um, just like: /home/cad/tsmc/18/artisan/sc/gds2/tsmc18.gds2 but my .gds file have only the metal1 layer, could anyone share me the tsmc18.gds2 file?
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    TSMC 0.18um design library needed

    i think i have it.
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    TSMC Design Kit of Artisan

    tsmc artisan design kit thank u very much! i find two .gds files of standard cells and io pads, i think i can finish the entire asic flow follow these files.
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    TSMC Design Kit of Artisan

    artisan design kit i have a TSMC/Artisan 0.18um Design Kit, i can find almost all files for design except the layout of dfII library for icfb(no standard cells layout found). i'd like to give me great appreciation for anyone who can tell me the reason. WAITING!!
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    Looking for TSMC Library for 90nm and 130nm technology

    download tsmc 90nm digital cell library i have the tsmc .18 and 90nm standard cell library except the gds(or dfII) for icfb, could u plz share me the files?
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    How I can exicute eda tool on windows-xp from linux server

    Re: How I can exicute eda tool on windows-xp from linux serv exceed suggested!
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    error when lauch DC in linux.

    common_shell_exec: not found install on RHL7.3, then move the file to RHL9, it will be run with no problem
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    SRAM Generator(or Memory Compiler) problem?

    tsmc memory compiler Can Artisan SRAM Generator for TSMC be run under Solaris of the Virtual Machine(just like VMWare)? as i know it is only for Solaris or HP-Unix, but i don't have the hardware platform of Sun Workstation or HP-Unix.
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    IC5141 & SOC4.1 (how to make it run?)

    In cadence tools, there is a special path: INSTALL_PATH/share/license/, u can rename each of your license file to license.dat, then the tools will load license once u start the tools. Also there is lots of tools in IC5141 and SOC encounter, some command is: icfb & encounter & rc & bg_shell ...

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