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    How make USB flash drive?

    Does anybody have source code for NAND flash controller ? I mean source code for such tasks as : bad block manegment, wear leveling, block mapping, NAND file system, small block emulation for erase operation and so on. It's needed for using NAND flash with microcontroller as "block device"...
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    Is it possible to make a thumb drive?

    Can anyone post here source code for NAND bad block management , wear levelling and other things needed for using NAND flash with microcontroller as block device.
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    ADS Layout schematics and manual

    agilent ads layout tutorial ADS 2003 schematics and layout manual : http://eesof.tm.agilent.com/docs/adsdoc2003A/pdf/usrguide.pdf ADS 2005  Schematic Capture and Layout manual : http://eesof.tm.agilent.com/docs/adsdoc2005A/pdf/usrguide.pdf Links to all ADS 2005 pdf's ...
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    What happens to surplus of ma in LDO?

    Re: new que in ldo? Yes, no remainder current. LDO works like adjustable resistance. Imagine 5v source and two resistors connected in series from 5V to ground. Medium point is LDO output. First resistor from 5V is LDO internal adjustable resistance, second resistor is your load resistance...
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    Serial-to-USB interface design

    90 ohm is impedance strongly required for 480Mbit if length of trace more then 0.5cm for 12Mbit more then 20cm for 1.5Mbit more then 160cm 22mil widths and 7 mil spacing means two traces witdh 22mil each and 7 mil between EDGEs of traces (not center lines). Ground plane below DP and DM...
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    What is the purpose of convolution?

    Re: convolution when give delta function signal to input of some system , you will see on output of system some response.
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    VHDL : resolution function problem

    Sorry for my fisrt answer it's not quite correct. Z-state is high impedance state of output driver . Output in Z-state isolated from input, the same situation when you place resistor 10Mom in series from output to input. All value from output do not reach input. Next : you have data_in INOUT...
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    VHDL : resolution function problem

    How do your real FPGA will know that 'data_in' in 'Z' state because '111111' it's very similar to 'ZZZZZ'? You can do this only by measurements, but what for FPGA? I think you must create additional signal , that will confirm valid data on data_in : signal valid_data std_logic:'0' ; '0' data...
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    interfacing a mobile phone

    You must not have nothing special. For access to contact lists, use AT commands, which supported by your mobile phone. All mobile phones and GSM modems support such GSM commands, that allow you read and send SMS, dial numbers, connect to other phones or Internet in standard mode( like ground...
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    How can i provide space b/w the bits of a binary string ?

    help ....Verilog Create array of bytes and write to it char codes of ones = 31h zeros = 30h spaces=20h
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    Which GSM module should I use for GSM payphone ???

    Re: Which GSM module ??? link to wavecom : **broken link removed** we have used siemens at first, but after go to wavecom. Imho, siemens more simple and rigid, wavecom smarter and flexible. And for power surge conditions wavecom never hands up, in contrast to siemens.
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    help needed in interfacing 8051 microcontroller to a sd card

    sd card 8051 How programm SD Card : **broken link removed** Link about socket to SD Card : **broken link removed** Project soft and schematic of connecting PIC to SD Card. http://www.captain.at/electronics/pic-mmc/ MSP430 interfacing to SD card doc from Ti : **broken link removed**
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    help required in research

    Can you give details about computing?
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    Need some clarification on the working of LDO

    Re: about ldo????????????? Short current loop is the case when you connect VCC wire to GND and resistance between VCC and GND = 0. ( it's happen on PCB when you accidentally short trace by probe or screwdriver, or when there is solder bridge between traces , or when your schematic is wrong...
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    What should/need I to know when I start a PCB design?

    pcad tutorial For start the simplest, but not the best is PCAD tool. There is many tutorials about PCAD and you quickly understand it. Find in Internet PCAD, there is a lot places when you can download it, Before you will get first PCB you must clear next terms : pad, padstack, layer, via...

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