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    Memory wide and memory size question

    OK. So 8192 memory locations, each of which stores data that is 32bits wide (if integer a number from 0 to 2^32). Memory WIDTH = Data WIDTH? Thanks!
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    Memory wide and memory size question

    Hallo, I'm a bit confused when memory wide ans memory size comes in question. When reading about different memory blocks I frequently come across on something like this: Program memory 512b wide 88Kbytes size. What that exactly means? What is the difference in comparison with let's say...
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    HID protocol on C8051 in combination with BlueGiga wt12-A bluetooth module

    Hello, recently I started working with few components that I never worked before. C8051F340 uC and BlueGiga WT12-A bluetooth modul. There is a host (PC) on one side and remote device (4 buttons and touch-pad) on the other. The connection between them is bluetooth (enabled by BlueGiga module). I...
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    PIC18F4431 Preoblem with I2C communication

    Line Follower Robot Project. Problem with I2C communication Greetings! I have an PIC16F887 and he plays a master role in communication with the PIC18F4431 which plays a slave role. He will drive motors and measure distance via IR sensors. Later, the role of a master will play another device...
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    Can two DC motors with listed characteristics drive a 2kg robot vehicle?

    Hi, I am building an autonomous differential wheeled vehicle robot. I have two DC motors with these characteristics: My question is: Can I drive a 2kg vehicle with these motors. The vehicle doesn't have to go very fast, let say 10cm per 1 second. Thank you
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    Image processing using PIC microcontrollers or dsPIC

    Hallo to everybody. I am working on my master project, and it is about constructing an autonomous wall following and obstacle avoiding robot. To make things little interesting I want to add some sort of camera on the top of the robot-vehicle so that robot can follow certain signs (take a LEFT...
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    Explanation of some simple circuit

    Hi to everybody! I know that this is a simple circuit but I don't have much knowledge with op-amps. Could someone explain me the potential use and difference between these two circuits. Thanks!
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    [SOLVED] PIC18F2431 programming problem

    No no, I tried the trick with RB5(PGM) pin but it wouldn't work. So RodStar if you programming your PIC on some developing board just press the RA5 taster, or button or how do you call it, and hold it as long as the process of programming last. With appropriate jumper your buttons should be...
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    Use of DSP instead of microcontroller

    Thank You very much!
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    Use of DSP instead of microcontroller

    Hi everyone! I need some help. I have this board called IRADK (a picture is attached) which is used to control a speed of a asynchronous motor. It has everything that one needs in order to control a up to 2kW asynchronous motor. The microcontroller used on this board is PIC16F877A. My goal is to...
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    [SOLVED] PIC18F2431 programming problem

    The problem was, that I have to hold pin A5 (connected to Vcc) while programming the PIC. Thanks for your replies.
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    [SOLVED] PIC18F2431 programming problem

    I am using PicFLASH [v7.03] if that is what you have asked me.
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    [SOLVED] PIC18F2431 programming problem

    I have searched through net to find people with similar problems and have found them. Some people have suggested that one should put jumper 9 to the ground and while programing the chip to hold button B4? Have you heard about that sir? I tried it but with no success... I checked other jumpers...
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    [SOLVED] PIC18F2431 programming problem

    Well there are no errors in the compiler stage. Also during the programming stage (PICFlash Programmer) there are no errors and at the moment when the (Device status: Idle) should be staying (indicating that everything is OK) a above described warning just pop up in front of me. Some problem...
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    [SOLVED] PIC18F2431 programming problem

    Hi everybody! I have a problem with my PIC18F2431 and easyPIC2 development board. Everything seems to work fine when I am programming it until at the very end this warning appears: Programming FAILED! -Program: 79 Error(s) -ID(s) : 0 Error(s) I have successfully programmed various types of...

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