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Recent content by vikas_et

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    anybody having good knowledge of assembly level program&

    I am designing a PIC microcontroller based LCD oscilloscope.i am having problem in programming part. i request to everybody who are having good knowledge of above mentioned , plz guide me. i will send u the required things.plz contact its urgent shailu18_ujjain@yahoo.co.in
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    Query :: project on Microcontroller PIC 16f876

    16f876 project I was designing PIC microcontroller based LCD oscilloscope PIC 16f876 & HD44780 LCD . i had changed my PIC 16f876A.IT will be compatible or not. i want to know is thereany difference between these two PIC.plz its urgent
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    progrmmer circuit for PIC 16f876

    I am desiging PIC microcontroller based LCD oscilloscope. please provide me the the programmer circuit of 16f876 & its related files(hex, bootloader etc) please its urgent
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    I'm frustrated because of unfair recruitment

    Re: i am frustrated hey man this can happe to any body, i am also having these type experiences,i was selected for about 6-7 companies in HR &tech. but not selected, there can be some lack in u.just wait something is waiting for u.
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    ASK code for digital communication

    university graduation project verilog if u want to make a microcontroller project then go to www.microchip.com
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    optical communication

    there are two books: john senior book name mynbev(very good matter)
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    Suggest me some good microcontroller kits

    Re: help u can refer to website www.microchip.com
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    query on microcontroller:: plz reply sir.

    i am designing a pic microcontroller based digital oscilloscope. PIC 16f876 LCD HD478440 assembly level programming i want to start from beginning. will u plz me tell me some free e-BOOKS regarding the topic
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    Send me an example of a CV

    Re: CV www.freshersworld.com has resume tips & can join the group sureshkumar.net which will help u a lot if in INDIA.
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    Antenna gain and Directivity.

    antenna gain efficiency u can go through the BOOK KD prasad for ANTENNA.
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    Help me choose hardware for sending data by a beam of light

    Re: help is needed? it is very simple.u can use LED or LASER diode as transmitter. & erbium doped fiber amplifier for amplification & at reciever photodiodes can be used. for mor info:: a book named FIBER optic communication- manbev also--john senior. for basics
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    plz help me sir its urgent :: microcontroller project

    i am designing my final yr project on PIC microcontroller namely-PIC based LCD oscillscope.i am not able able to understand how to start,plz tell me , i want to start from the begining.
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    Query regarding project;; imp

    Sir, I am a student of BE 4th yr EC branch.i am designing final yr project of PIC based LCd oscilloscope in which we are using PIC 16f876 microcontroller & HD44780 (LCD) for display purpose.The input to PIC is on pin 2 i.e. port A RA0 pin.This system can have atleast 5 inputs . Now we are...
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    Where to go in India after graduating in EC field?

    need help for future i am vikas in final year having elctronics& comm branch,i want to know are there any courses in india for EC,or any technical job,or after BE where should i move( in which state).plz guide

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