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Recent content by Venkadesh_M

  1. Venkadesh_M

    Interrupt Exits in 89s52

    Try a diode between controller and battery, also you can put a low value current limiting resistor.
  2. Venkadesh_M

    sine wave from AD9833 with SPI using PIC18F4580

    In hardware SPI module without remappable pins you cant use other pin for the same purpose. The DO is actually PIN_C5 in the hardware but PIN_C4 in your code. If you want a single frequency why dont you use a analog crystal oscillator. For a single frequency sine output you can send the...
  3. Venkadesh_M

    sine wave from AD9833 with SPI using PIC18F4580

    I don know whether its a software or hardware SPI, but if its a hardware then wrong pin configuration and this pins are not remappable. I already once worked with this IC for FM. I don know your application but I think you needed to put delay between SPI writes, so that it will be meaning full.
  4. Venkadesh_M

    problem about high voltage switch

    With the load use the bootstrapped triggering scheme. Use IR2110 and put connect the gate to the HO and put some minimal load to get start working. Or use a optocouplerised firing scheme with a individual power supply. In this scheme connect the 0V to 80V signal input instead of 300V line and...
  5. Venkadesh_M

    Operating regions of a transistor switch

    :fight: That is the trick :fight: When you give 0mA the transistor will be turned OFF and when you give 10 mA (for eg) the transistor will turn ON, but why did you give the current intermediate 0 and 10 mA ? If you wont, then transistor will not work in linear region.
  6. Venkadesh_M

    Neutral point clamped inverter: driver ir2110 problem

    The thing is we cant assure that with IR2110 your configuration will work without any problems. It has more disadvantages than advantages. The main advantage would be its totem pole driver configuration. But they are need not to be same when it comes to switching ON and OFF timing. Are you...
  7. Venkadesh_M

    Neutral point clamped inverter: driver ir2110 problem

    What is your switching(PWM) frequency ? Remember that already you are getting 10uS delay(switch ON and OFF) in opto stage you are using. Also remember that you are putting 330ohm in series with Gate, which will increase your switching time. Incase of IR2110 it will supply 2.0A gate current.
  8. Venkadesh_M

    Neutral point clamped inverter: driver ir2110 problem

    Can you show us the circuit you used? when you do the proper timing then what is the point in relying on some external unknown delay?
  9. Venkadesh_M

    Neutral point clamped inverter: driver ir2110 problem

    There is no more Bootstrapping, Actually its possible to put 4 more transistors and you can eliminate IR2110 with use of optocouplers. but still the IR2110 will give the better switching experience. It would be better with 1k gate discharge resistors in all the IGBT, otherwise there is a chance...
  10. Venkadesh_M

    Neutral point clamped inverter: driver ir2110 problem

    To say simply you can't ground this places and also there is no third supply point Vn or V0.
  11. Venkadesh_M

    [AVR] Display Quality Issues for 120x12 Led Sign Board

    Hi can you post the code, so that there will be no confusions and we can give you some solution. Looks like every piece of segment doesnt gets enough ON time time to make the segment glow, may be you can increase the maximum possible anode voltage of the LED otherwise you can split the big...
  12. Venkadesh_M

    synchronous counter circuit to convert analog to digital

    Designing a very high frequency counter circuit is very difficult and you will end up with very low difference in digital values. Better try to construct a low frequency VCO with high variation in frequency. I think you can simply design a VCO using 555 or 565 IC(I already did that once).
  13. Venkadesh_M

    IR2109 - HO and LO problems

    But the Ideal result is when IN is 0(CW or ACW is 0V) then the LO is 15V and HO is 0V. (with no OFF signal) The HO will give output only after turning ON and OFF any one of the Lower transistors.
  14. Venkadesh_M

    [PIC] pwm microcontroler using pic16f62a

    Its like you are switching ON the Fan for 2 secs OFF and 1 sec ON as repeatedly then the fan will run slow. If you turn OFF for 1 sec and ON for 2 sec then the fan will run comparatively faster (first one is 1/3 of rated power and second one is 2/3 of rated power). So by adjusting the ON and...
  15. Venkadesh_M

    How to set the time in ds1307

    What problem you are facing when trying to write the time.

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