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Recent content by vandenm

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    Problem with running Calibre on ubuntu

    HI I have ubuntu already installed on my laptop. Has anyone had any issues running calibre, say with missing library files or kernel? Cheers
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    Need resources on sti stress - bulk connection/substrate tap

    cmos sti Hi Managed to add a picture! >>Do you mean how the stress due to STI affect the matching of transistor? Yes I do, but also with respect to possitioning of subtrate taps. The source and subtrate are normally connected (connection not shown) but the active is not joined between the...
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    Need resources on sti stress - bulk connection/substrate tap

    sti layout cmos Hi Does anyone have any documentation or web links on sti stress? I'm particularly interested in where to position bulk connection/substrate taps. Everything I have read so far does not cover this area. On larger processes I have layed out devices with say an M=6 in the...
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    Calibre diode parasitic extraction

    parasitic diode extraction Is it possible to output diode parasitics the same as RC using calibre PEX without having to explictly add them to the schematic? I have a mos device with its source node connected to the bulk and interested in the what the extracted diode is from the nwell to the...

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