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    effect of ohmic contact of microstrip pcb

    when you use full-wave simulation for any structure (your case is a simple one), the result of your simulation should be like the result of fabricated one. this is achievable when you define all elements(such as transmission line, inductor, capacitance, I/O connectors and etc) correctly in your...
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    Using HFSS to simulate EM reflection coefficient, which method is correct?

    Hi, second model seems be correct. you do not need to assign two wave port for two sides of your structure, one port is enough. it is important that the boundary condition of the air box in the port side be selected as "incident field" (not "radiation only").
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    [Moved]How to use ed02ah library in layout of ads by correct layers

    I want to layout analysis a MMIC LNA designed by ED02AH library in ADS but i do not know the layers of the element of this library. my installed ADS version is 2009.

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