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Recent content by vaf20

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    DSP for communication using MATLAB

    Dear freinds, I'm looking for some special materials-recent useful workshops or courses-that help to learn DSP basic and advanced concepts and communication system concept using MATLAB via m-file simulation or SIMULINK tool. does anyone know where can i find these stuff ? Thanks in advance
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    Virtex-4 VCCINT pins resistance to GND pins !

    Hello Guys can anyone tell me resistance value between VCCINT pins resistance to GND pins in Virtex-4-SX55 family ? tnx in advance
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    Help me with SMSC on LAN91C111 design

    superloop 91c111 Dear Radix Thanks really for your favor. I'm waiting you. BR, vaf20
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    Help me with SMSC on LAN91C111 design

    fpga interface to lan91c111 Dear Radix Following diagram show what i should do. But sorry for my misundrestanding about LAN, i studied more about LAN and know that there is no need to driver at PC side.only thing i need about 91C111 is 91C111 initialization and MAC address configuaration and...
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    Help me with SMSC on LAN91C111 design

    lan91c111 minimal configuration tnx radix I want to configure and doing all of the 91C111 interfacing with custom fpga logic. but also i have a AVR on this board so can used as microcontroller for interfacing issue. In the case of driver,there is some driver for linux,vxworks,winCE,XP embedded...
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    Help me with SMSC on LAN91C111 design

    lan91c111 configuration Dear Radix Thanks for your attention.I designed a board which included virtex4-LX100 and LAN91C111. i want to use simple transmit and receive data via ethernet. but now my problem is minimal LAN91C111 configuration via FPGA and pure logic ! for start up,i downloaded ETX...
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    Help me with SMSC on LAN91C111 design

    hi can anyone help me on SMSC LAN91C111? tnx in advance
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    interfacing FPGA to SMSC LAN91C111

    Re: LAN91C111 dear friends, I want to know the minimum MAC configuration for interfacing with FPGA? can anyone help me? does anyone have sample code example for this? Thanks in advance
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    PCI9054 with the spartan3 need help! PC did not boot

    pci9054 lint cmode Hi Friends I have designed a card which include PLX PCI9054 with the spartan3. I use PCI9054 C mode to control FPGA. In fpga there is state machine to handle read and write. Also use 10k pullup for ADS, BLAST, Ready, Wait, LINT, LRESET, BIGEND, BTERM, DMPAF, Useri, Usero...
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    interfacing FPGA to SMSC LAN91C111

    Re: LAN91C111 Tnx FvM, I do not want using MicroBlaze Soft processor. how can use pure HDL coding to configure and communicate with LAN? Regards, Vaf20
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    interfacing FPGA to SMSC LAN91C111

    LAN91C111 Dear friends, can anyone help me to interfacing FPGA to SMSC LAN91C111? Thanks in advance
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    DDS AD9858 linear sweep mode problem

    dds ad9858 Dear Friends I wnat to use AD9858 in linear sweep mode but i cant program dds with related value in DFTW and DFRRW regs. all values was calculated based on datasheet equations but i did not give any answre. my setting parameters are: T=10Sec.(time interval from start frequency to...
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    Nallatech board schematic

    hello to all where does i can find nallatech Xtrem DSP board schematic. i need to design a board which included with virtex-4, ADC, DAC, ZBT,... for my project. can anyone help me? tnx in advance
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    Need a design with linear tech LTM4600 module

    Hi all my friends Dose any one have design with linear tech LTM4600 uModule and supply a FPGA? I'm using above to supply spartan-3E,but PROM cannot program FPGA. I think there is a problem with this module,like voltage ramp up needed for FPGA!!!! tnx in advance
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    Does anyone use Prolific PL-2571 as USB to SATA converter?

    Hello my friends, does anyone use prolific PL-2571 as USB to SATA converter, if so, can u help me? tnx

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