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Recent content by Umarkhalid888

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    HFSS design:graph normalize

    how can i normalize my graph values in HFSS??
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    problem solving HFSS Rectangular wave guide.

    i have seen that word file...am not that expert that i just see the graph and extract something from them.. so send me .hfss file on my email so that i can check and also try "antenna design kit"...it is a very useful software
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    problem solving HFSS Rectangular wave guide.

    wat r u actually trying to make?????? r u trying to make an open ended waveguide??? a slotted waveguide??? and wat are those things which u wud like to acheive at the end as a result means wat r the parameters???? ok now tell me have u used antenna design kit?????, its a kit in which u just put...
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    problem solving HFSS Rectangular wave guide.

    1.ok am also designing the airborne antenna which is made up of the rectangular waveguides.... 2. may be i can help u there are numerous ways to make the rectangular waveguides in HFSS,few of them are; A) just draw a rectangular box and give it a material like pec or anything,and suggest where u...
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    problem in the phase delay in hfss

    how to give phase delay in hfss???
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    problem in HFSS Software

    am working on slotted waveguides in HFSS software...i am working on "Driven modal"..and i want to know that how can i see the amount of voltage/current which is in the waveguiude???,as am using wave port with impedence of 50 ohms...i want to know that how much current and voltage is in the...
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    how to apply the "method of moment"

    hi am designing slotted waveguide antenna but i dnt know how to apply the method of moment for each slot..i want to know the exact location for the placement of the slots where i can get the maximum radiation..
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    maximum radiation from the slots

    im making airborne antenna. so can somebody tell me that how i can specify the correct measurement of slots in the waveguide,means wats is the formula or method with which i can get the maximum radiation from the slots by having slots at that particular place...i have studied about 25 DB taylor...
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    software expert for HFSS software

    i need someone who can help me in designing airborna antenna using HFSS software.
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    ok thx now ive got to know the meaning of the scaling factor. but one more thing i want to know that lets say i have 9 waveguides,which are placed side by side and their walls are almost touching each other.like this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 So wat i want is that i should only assign waveport to the...
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    can somebody tell me wats the function of SCALING FACTOR in HFSS????? how it is related to the assigning of the ports?????
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    integration line in HFSS

    can anybody tell me wats the purpose of an integration line once defining the ports, bcause sometimes i dont bother for defining the integration lines as it does not show any effect especially once i define a wave port...but for lumped port i have to define the integration line otherwise it...
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    radiation pattern of airborne antenna

    hi im designing an airborne antenna on HFSS...anyone 1 in knowledge of how to design it practically should know that we design the airborne antenna in quadrants..they are 4 quadrants and then we combine them (if am not wrong).Can anyone plz tell me wat sort of rad pattern i shud get for a single...
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    assigning of multiple ports in HFSS

    If i assign multiple ports say 10 wave ports so the software should excite the structure with all the ports ,but the ports assigned first will only be able to exite... why?
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    problem in designing airborne antenna using HFSS Software

    im facing problem in designing the airborne antenna using HFSS Software...the main problem which am facing is related to the ports..as the airborne antenna is made up of slotted waveguides, and combining those waveguides into the form of an array the slotted airborne antenna is designed..right...

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