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Recent content by tungchang

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    How to design mutisection directional coupler?

    I want to know if someone have any document or software to design muti-section firectional coupler? I use tunneling diode to detect RF power. Second, I had designed log amplifer to transform RF power to DC voltage. What's differents between Directional detector and log amplier? I mean they...
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    Using RF switch as DC switch

    Yes, When I increase the input voltage, the output will increase until 2.4V. ex. input ouput 0.5V 0.5V 1V 1V 1.5V 1.5V 2.0V 2.0V 2.4V 2.4V 3V 2.4V 4V 2.4V 5V 2.4V
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    Using RF switch as DC switch

    Yes,I know what you said. The shut Fets which are in the RF Switch will increase the device's isolation. But my point is why the output voltage leavel does not change by increasing the input's. It's always keep on 2.4V when the input voltage is higher than 2.4V. Thanks. ps. I know it's a...
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    Using RF switch as DC switch

    I used RF switch (SP3T) as DC switch. When I increase the input voltage from 0V to 2.4V, the out level will follow that. But the input increase higher than 2.4V to 5V, the output level will be hold in 2.4V. Someone can help me explan that? thx.
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    How t odesign broadband phase equalizer 500MHz to 1GHz

    Is it possible to design that or can you tell me how to design phase equalizer. thanks.
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    How to design an ultra-low noise LNA?

    Ultra-low noise LNA? Could you give me some advices about designing ultra-low noise LNA? The range of the frequency is 1-3GHz and the NF is under 0.5 in room temperature. what's the better transistor for these targets? I try to use feedback model but oscilliation can't avoid. my transistors are...
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    how to generater differential TTL singal?

    differential ttl I want to generater D-TTL to control system. How can I do? First, using TTL to D-TTL IC? which one is better? Second, try to write Labview program to control voltage generater? Can you give me a advice?
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    Do you have any advice about designing suspended filter?

    Someone can give me advices on designing suspended microstrip line filter especially in the mechnical part. I need some references. Thx for your help.
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    How to transfer TTL to differential TTL?

    TTL to Diffential TTL Someone show me the one that I can transfer TTL singal to Diffential TTL.
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    Who has the experience on cryogenic LNA?

    In my experience, when the temperature down to 77K, the gain will increase more than 3 dB. I had used NE321000 and NE329000 for years. The PHEMT transistor can be work but FET. I wish these will reduce your problems. By the way, may I ask you how to figout out the matching point in smith chart...
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    Design LNA in ADS and cadence

    Hi,I try to design Ka band LNA in ADS and using cadence to drew layout. Have you have any idea about connecting these two software?
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    Noise Temperature and Noise Fighure

    Can you tell me what's the different from them? I had read some materials in Pozar. But I am curious about how the measure the Noise Temperature directly.
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    The future of filters (HTS filters, LTCC, Advanced-MIC)

    Actually, There many companies works for HTS front-end system. Such as STI and so on. https://www.suptech.com/ How greatest performace did you ever hear about the band rejection of any kind of filter? 3dB/MHz? Try this.
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    How to use a power combiner efficiently?

    Hoe abput using High temperature superconductor Hoe abput using High temperature superconductor material as the phase shifter? It will reduce the loss of signal, right?
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    How to reduce the "In-band noise"?

    Obverously, we can reduce the out band noise by adding band pass filter, especially we can use the elecllent filter like hight temperature superconductor filter. But how can we improve the the signal in the pass band by reduce the noise in the pass band? First, can you tell me nore information...

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