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    Micronet Net-960 for GPS/GPRS car tracking

    net 960 Hello, Has anyone ever used the Micronet Net-960 mobile data terminal (hxxp://www.micronet.co.il/Net-960E.html)? Any experience for car tracking? I just got my hand on some of those devices, and I was wondering if it is worth going through the trouble of finding programming software...
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    Help me open an old PCAD pcb file

    *.pcb file Wow, thanks for the info! But all that is provided that I will be able to open the file. I had tried PCAD 2004 with no success, and now I am on to PCAD 2000
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    Help me open an old PCAD pcb file

    Hi all, I have to open a .pcb ascii file. It must be an old DOS PCAD file, since the file starts like this: Personal CAD Systems, Inc. PC-CARDS Database file version : 1.04 I tried several viewers and import tools, but no luck... Any...
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    What is the better Visual Basic, Visual C++ or Delphi ?

    It depends on what you want to do. Requirements should define the tool to be used. For simple small projects VB is ideal, but when it gets to bigger and more complex, Delphi is the one. C is better though when no serious interface is needed and there is a lot of data proccessing to be done...
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    What's the best language for PIC programming ?

    Re: pic chips Hi SphinX, I guess that if you need to calculate this expression then you probably should not have used a pic micro. One should choose the correct microcontroller according to requirements. How long would a pic take (if possible) to calculate that expression? Tell me when the...
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    Interrupt an Interrupt in PIC16F877

    As Mr. Cool said, it can be done. Usually, after servicing an interrupt you run a retfie command that sets back the GIE bit. No one can stop you from re-enabling the interrupt before fully servicing the previous interrupt, so can be re-interrupted. BUT, it is very risky and several things...
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    Still digital photo to analog display

    Hello all I am trying to build a device that, among other things, has to display a stored digital photograph to a television. The picture that is stored in jpeg format, is decompressed by a microprocessor into an array of pixels, color or monochrome. And here comes my problem. Can you suggest...
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    How to build USB link cable?

    Every mcu can act like a usb device as long as it can interface a USB controller. The problem will be with the max throughput of the data sent. The usb controller will keep the received packet of data and will NACK following packets, until your slow f84 running at 100KHz reads the already...
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    hi power dc-ac inverter designe

    high frequency inverter schematic Do NOT use square wave. It may be a lot easier to build but it really stresses switcihng power supplies and transformers. Old tech UPSs used it but not any more.
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    How to build USB link cable?

    A pc can only be the master in the USB. You cannot connect two hosts, but only hosts to slave devices. So you need to build a slave device that connects to two hosts and echo the traffic from the one "channel" to the other. Although that would be quite easy using a microcontroller, I believe...
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    USB Design by Example - website link

    Most of the links are dead :(
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    Switcing power supply suggestion

    I am about to build a switcing power supply from 220VAC to 13.8Volts 35-40Amps. Any suggestions for the switcing IC for so big currents? regards
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    LCD panel, how to drive with a svga signal from a video card

    Sailor_EDA It looks like that you will have a lot of work to do, expensive materials to use and plenty of time to waste... Personally I would not even dare start it. LCD pannels are quite difficult to drive using your own driver. I do not know if there are any LCD drivers available for such big...
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    printers direct for pcb??????

    You can use some kind of horizontal flatbed plotters and print the circuit directly onto the copper. Of course you will have to use the chemicals, they just prin the circuit, they do not produce ready pcbs.

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