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    LNA transient analysis

    LNA is usually used to amplify the very small signal (uV~mV), so you have to ensure the swing in the the transient simulation
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    Suggest some research topics

    Power(DC-DC, Regulator, Charger, LDO...) AD/DA (pipeline,SAR,sigma delta...)
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    how to understand the relation of these transistors?

    I don't think it's the same. The Wilson don't need any cascode because there MUST be all Vbe drop. A cascode here only shows a drop of Vce, it's doesn't make sense.
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    what is the advantages of the bipolar in RF front end?

    The BJT/HBT has no 1/f noise, while MOSFET suffers. because the carrier in mosfet is lateral near the surface, so crystall surface defect will deteriorate noise, while the BJT/HBT is vertical device.
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    Measurement of differential output impedance

    Could you post the figure? If you are testing on PCB, why not use a balun followed by the NA.
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    current transient siimulation layout LNA

    Refer to the Design Guide of TSMC documents. the 30 mA means AC current? peak or peak-to-peak? or just peak value of a short pulse? because LNA operates with small-signal, there should not be such a large AC current.
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    which application for CMOS LNA?

    Microelectronics is a kind of engineering.....What the application is should depend on those who pay you, such as your supervisor or your sponser. Just like a company, what their products are should depend on the market and the consumer. even you have foresights on what they need. Please don't...
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    Simulation of active inductor on cadence

    It's ok, but since you connect one terminal of inductor to ground, so it's just a single-ended Q if you use it as a differential Q or some else (none of terminal is connected to ground) the former method may be not correct. you should connect the negative of the port to the 2nd terminal of...
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    High power amplifier energy consumption in payload or BTS

    Re: High power amplifier energy consumption in payload or BT The key questions are: 1. How many power do you want to be sent to antenna? 20dBm?30dBm?40dBm? 2. your modulation scheme? constant envelope modulation(MSK/FSK etc.) or linear modulation(BPSK/QPSK or even OFDM and so on)...
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    how I can improve the IMD3 besides increasing the RF power?

    Re: improvement of IMD3 It depends on your process, Bipolar or CMOS? there are some different points of view between different processes.. But in general, bias is very important, not only the decoupling cap or harmonic impedence, but some DC offset in your bias because of even-order...
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    tsmc 0.13 substrate resistivity

    hi everybody, is there someone kind to tell the substrate resistivity(Ohm.cm) of tsmcrf 0.13? I want to take a EM simulation with momentum but i cannot find the param in tsmc docs. Many thanks~
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    Inductor design flow using ADS Momentum

    Hi, buddy Momentum don't 'synthesis', but only take EM simulation if you tell him the geometry...... since inductor depends on your layers and substrates, you'd better search in the inductor lib of your designkits to shrink your searching area
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    source pull in ADS need help

    Of course use the 'optimum' Load, maybe after your source pull, you should do load pull again, and them source pull again and again iteration may be necessary...
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    tsmc 0.13 substrate resistivity

    Hi, everybody. is there someone kind to tell me the value of substrate resistivity(Ohm.cm) of tsmcrf 013? I want take some EM simulation, but i cannot find any parameter in documents.
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    Help for some marketing info. of RF PA technology

    Hi, everybody, I have read an interesting market infomation of RF PA technology, in an isscc2004 tutorial. which said that 73% of commerial PA (in mobile) is in GaAs, 20% in LDMOS. But as we know, in recent years, since SiGe technology is rising up, the PA market may have changed...

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