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  1. tohbas

    equations for lumped port in RFID tag anenna ??

    i am concern about how to read 7 bytes fast as fast possible for RFID
  2. tohbas


    You may need to use constant current IC , Check this link **broken link removed**
  3. tohbas

    newbie need help on capacitor

    i saw in the switching power supply . they always put big L and c to supply the current during curve down.. and make it constance. bigger L with bigger current.. during peak output..
  4. tohbas

    Design An Oscilloscope

    Hm!! it's not too hard.. i saw a chinese guy build it on their website www.jyetech.com
  5. tohbas

    Programming language for engineers

    ...c is basic high level language.. easy to learn and other came from c basic is assembly .. all engineer need to learn for more deeply design..
  6. tohbas

    Suggest me a microcontroller for a portable oscilloscope with graphical LCD

    Re: Oscilloscope So what about your Handheld Oscilloscope now i am just looking for some HHO as u now .. and this link will help u to do that **broken link removed** and i will build my own one.. c u
  7. tohbas

    The CMUcam Vision Sensors for Robots

    Re: MCU Robots and images i got CMUCAM2GUI
  8. tohbas

    where can i find algorithm and source code of cmu cam?

    hey that is same as my job.. i will find more solution
  9. tohbas

    RS-232 communication between 2 PCs in comparison to one with PC and MCU

    Re: RS-232 Communication www.alldatasheet.com <===== all u need
  10. tohbas

    Problem with sleep in program for remote control of 16F636

    ///////////////////////////////////////////////// //this software for remote control of 16F636 /// ///////////////////////////////////////////////// // function of this remote control consists of // 1. 6x3 matrix key switchs // 2. low voltage detection @ about 2.2 volts // 3. sending alarm...
  11. tohbas

    convert hex to bcd in c

    hex to bcd in c float a; unsigned char b; b = 0xff; a = b;
  12. tohbas

    help IR remote 8051 and c

    i used to find something like u need on google there are a lot of data ,,
  13. tohbas

    Is possible to ADC the negative voltage by PIC16F87x?

    can 16F87X use +2.5 to be Vdd and -2.5 to be Vss ?
  14. tohbas

    16F684 RF remote decoder need somehelp

    16f684 raif raie i use 16F684 to be RF remote decoder normally, there are a lot of noise from out out of RF decoder module i need to detect 28 bits code with 250-300 uSec pulse width after i detected i need to send forward to another i use this 684 like a pulse fillter... my problem...
  15. tohbas

    Help me design a 4-motor control board that counts turns and displays it

    Re: need some help DC motor.. just only 24 volts and 3380 round per minute

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