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    Create Parts in Cadence PSD

    Hi, all ConceptHDL parts are ASCII files only (what a good desicion by Cadence ;-) ) You can i.e. take an symbol, analyze it's ASCII structure and make a small Excel spreadsheet which creates of a pinlist a complete symbol, chips.prt and initial parttable. That's some work for the first parts ...
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    How to set a rule for same x nets length in Allegro?

    I only know a way to achieve this if the two nets which needs to be added are connected by an resistor, cap or so: assuming your nets look like this: (I/O1) --net1---Resistor---net2---(I/O2) (I/O3) --net3---Resistor---net4---(I/O4) you can create XNETS for I/O1 --- I/O2 and I/O3---I/O4. You...
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    How to create a new ref des in Allegro and associate it ?

    What about exporting the netlist from Allegro, manually edit to add your connector with the right RefDes and reimport this netlist ?? Will work... Tobs
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    PCB design in Mils (Inch) or MM's?

    The selection of the units is also a kind of selection what accuracy you need. selecting MM,MILS,UM (micrometer) and the appropriate amount of decimals will give you either a smooth working or all the time a lot of rounding errors which can impact your work a lot. for instance working in...
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    Is Concepthdl in PSD14.2 better then OrCAD

    Yes. (in my opinion) pro: ASCII design files ASCII library module capable asymetrical components ( a 1000pin comp can be splitted into 10 100pin symbols) will work very well (they're not supported with the symbol creator, but a good text editor will help more than the symbol creator...) cons...
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    PSD 14.2 vs WG2002 - experience or suggestion welcome

    If you want to have a routed design than any autorouter which is capable to route 100% is ok. If you want to save space/layers/ have a nice routing ... no autorouter is suitable to achieve the goal ... especcially if the design has lot of nets. Even the Cadence guys can't route an example board...
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    Cadence PSD 14.2 giving way for Protel

    cadence psd my 2 cents: Cadence is of course high price, but give you many possibilities: ASCII files to be modified by ANY language (C/Perl/Batch/...). good tools for forward/backward annotation. bad library support. but an good ASCII editor or a cool Excel spread sheet will give you...
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    Cadence allegro color defintion

    cadence layer color you are limited to the predefined colors. But you can adjust all colors you want in the "Color and visbility" form. Then just do an "write local" to put your definition into a file. "read local" will give you all predefined colors back on every board file you want. Tobs.
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    Looking for any Allegro SKILL files

    sample allegro skill file what about: C:\Cadence\PSD_14.2\share\pcb\examples\skill there are tons of *.il files ... a good starting point Additional SKILL sources can be found on www.sourcelink.com There is a special Allegro SKILL section .. but not for Concept SKILL. Tobs.
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    allegro skill file for silk screen ref des. orientation

    Iwould process the REF DES/ASSEMBLY and and REF DES/SILKSCREEN _TOP/_BOTTOM layers which are processed later to silkscreen. This will give Silkscreen and assembly drawing nice readable. You need to have an offest correction depending on the font height/rotation/etc..This will work. I belive...

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