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  1. tipu_sultan

    DC-DC Converter needed

    Re: DC-DC converter schmatics Please refer to book Power Electronics by Jai P. Agarwall to resolve this issue. Tip Sultan
  2. tipu_sultan

    The Output results of MEGGER TEST and its solution?

    Scenario:-  Distribution Substation. [SMDB-S AREA].  Electrical Room. [MDB-CAB-4]  3x(4C-300 mm2 XLPE/SWA Cu Conductor+ 1C-16 mm2 Y/G ECC ) There is a fault between cables which have been connecting form Substation to Electrical room having length of 300 meter approximately. There is...
  3. tipu_sultan

    Electronics/Telecommunications Principles - books/tutorials

    As my opinion being programmer its take some time for you grasping concepts relating to Electronics, and Telecommunication. You should first search and find analogy to each electronic device (resistor, capacitor, current, voltage etc). then compare it to the process in which principle they works...
  4. tipu_sultan

    GSM based Energy meter

    You should first decide the type of microcontroller you used and then design and test necessary circuit (like current measure circuit, voltage measure circuit, ADC, Sampling rate, etc) individually then put these circuit into one circuitry having all interfaces (drivers). You may need to use...
  5. tipu_sultan

    LISP Programming Language?

    While using AutoCAD I came to know that there is a language exist LISP. I searched about it and got many information. But I want to ask that " Is there any logic to use LISP in AutoCAD?" There is also many other language like C, C++, C#, JAVA etc... but in AutoCAD using LISP. Is AutoCAD supports...
  6. tipu_sultan

    Looking datasheet of the 13A Socket Flush Type and Selector Switch of Specific Vendor

    Find the image containing the List of electrical product followed by the manufacture. I tried to find the datasheet of product which have been manufactured by the vendor stated in the list not find it. Anyway I just want to have their electrical ratings of both product. If someone find it...
  7. (Telecom) Frequency Bands of Microwaves ¥

    (Telecom) Frequency Bands of Microwaves ¥

  8. (Telecom) GSM Frequency Ranges (Uplink & Downlink)

    (Telecom) GSM Frequency Ranges (Uplink & Downlink)

  9. Common prefixes

    Common prefixes

  10. tipu_sultan

    About Some comman used in AutoCAD.

    Enquiry about command used in AutoCAD. I found someone using command "TLength" in AutoCAD to find the total length of the lines in a single file, But when I try this command on my computer the software says unknown command TLEN press F1 for help. My question is that is this command exists in...
  11. tipu_sultan

    How to calculate maximum short circuit current flow per second before break down?

    Please find the another attached image file in which LCC busbar also have rating 46KA at 0.5 sec.
  12. Schematic NE555 Clock Generation Circuit

    Schematic NE555 Clock Generation Circuit

  13. Pinout Comparison of PIC18F4520 & PIC18F452  €

    Pinout Comparison of PIC18F4520 & PIC18F452 €

  14. (Telecom) Digital Carrier Systems

    (Telecom) Digital Carrier Systems

  15. tipu_sultan

    The Best CAD software for the Electrical Drawings?

    For professional drawings the AutoCAD is the best as it has built-in blocks and also compatible to PDF, Word and image files. For PCB designing it is the best but its takes some time to be master on its command its measurement is precise without error. Also we can import built-in design from the...

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