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    Is this a cold joint problem?

    The connection problem has been fixed. The solder was not properly bonding to the IC. Flux at the pins as well as a higher heat setting at the iron rectified the problem. Thanks!!!
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    Is this a cold joint problem?

    The measured Vcc and ground are on their correct pins. I stated this to show that even though the circuit does not work, These pins are still making a connection. The solder is 63/36/3 fluxless solder.
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    Is this a cold joint problem?

    cold joint I am hand soldering a flip-flop 14 pin IC to my circuit board. (Part # CD4013BE). The holes in the circuit board are .033". The circuit functions fine for about 10 minutes and then quits. I probed the pins and get a ground and Vcc at the pin. If I reheat all of the solder joints...

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