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  1. thisthat

    Good spot to get Project Kits and Surplus Gear Australia

    Good spot to get Project kits and surplus gear Australia I get alot stuff off them. They have new kits each month and different surplus gear each month. I keep a watch out for surplus each month my self. Thought you might find URL usefull. https://www.oatleyelectronics.com/
  2. thisthat

    Controlling Equipment Remotely

    The idea is have as few a cables running over large distance. Send a different tones down the single pair to different pieces of remote equipment. Different tones back to say that something has operated. (say tank full pump off) All help welcome thisthat
  3. thisthat

    Parabollic Grid antennas.

    Anyone got any good designs for 24 dBi or better for the 2.4 GHz band dipole antenna. Send and receive. 1km distance required. thisthat
  4. thisthat

    TV Respection Over a Hill

    Sorry SDA I did miss understand you, I would like to try out what you are recomending for repeater solution, can you step me thru exactly what I require with this vertical transmition polorization antenna at each end. To see if I can buy them or use a horizontal UHF antenna set vertical modified...
  5. thisthat

    TV Respection Over a Hill

    OK Repeater sounds good, but I don't think it would work over 1.1 kilometres, forgetting the cost of the cable from the front gate to the house, amplifing it very hundred metres would require 10 amplifiers and some means of power them. I'm going to put some driveway lighting solar powered, but...
  6. thisthat

    Controlling Equipment Remotely

    Thank You ayeong for uploading GSM files, you went to alot of trouble for me. Doesn't look to useful for what I want to do unfortunately, dirace must of miss read what I wanted to do. Interesting artilce thu, you can only use siemens phone. Must be something better out there using tone...
  7. thisthat

    Controlling Equipment Remotely

    dirace Elektor artilce dirace can I get a copy of this artilce on gsm modems from Elektor mag, can provide somewhere to upload it. thisthat
  8. thisthat

    TV Respection Over a Hill

    TV Respection Over a Hill I'm asking for your help and advice. I will first explain what I want to do and why, and what I have come up with so far. I live in Australia on a small Properity, My front gate is at the top of the hill where theres is good TV respection but as you go down the drive...
  9. thisthat

    Controlling Equipment Remotely

    elektor gprs Controlling Equipment Remotely I'm asking for your help. I will first explain what I want to do and why, and what I have come up with so far. I live in Australia on a small Properity, there is no mains power supply. Power is supplied by generator and solar system. What I want...

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