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    Review of PCB Footprint

    Hi All, Can someone review the footprint in the picture pls :) ? The picture from the datasheet (on the right), says "Bottom View" - would that mean that I have to mirror it before drawing the component footprint? So Pin1 should be Pin6 instead (for instance)?. (By the way the red is the...
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    Audio interface to microcontroller?

    HI All. I am building a audio interface for my microcontroller, PSoC5. Problem is audio is transmitted through mini jacks in the range -2V to +2V and my PSoC5's ADC can only measure 0-5V. So I have to raise the -2 to +2V to my ADC range! further more I assume that some kind of AC coupling is...
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    Scaling 0/3.3V ADC and DAC to -10/+10V?

    Yes that was what I was thinking too! Thank you for confirming :) - - - Updated - - - Btw what is that website you simulate with?
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    Scaling 0/3.3V ADC and DAC to -10/+10V?

    Hi all. I got this project, where i am using a microcontroller (PSoC5) which has both DAC's and ADC's build in. Theese are both 0V to 3.3V (the ADC can measure this interval and the DAC can generate it). Now I have to do some regulation/digital filtering with the microcontroller, and for that...
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    Interfacing microcontroller with +/- 10V?

    Hi guys. I have to design a interfaceboard for my microcontroller (PSoC5 - 3.3V). The interface board should have +/- 10V in/out and a minimum bandwidth at 48kHz. My plan for the output right now is to control mosfets with the microcontroller which opens and closes for the 10V. But before...

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