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    Where can I get a DTMF encoder and decoder IC ?

    dtmf need do you know dtmf encoder and decoder ic what is the part number and where can i buy
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    buying electronic components online

    hi where can i buy electronic components online. especially semiconductors. linear ICs dgital ICs etc. where can i find them cheap and online? Also it must be international as i live in turkey. which sites ship international ? thanks for helps...
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    Looking for chips that make dtmf tones and decodes them

    73m2901 dtmf I want to make a modem(not so fast) and i am looking for chips that make dtmf tones and also decodes them not like 567, i need a digital one
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    looking for a tone encoder and decoder

    i am looking for a tone encoder and decoder chip or a modem chip? anyone knows what can i use
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    ıs there any free basic compiler for pic16f84 that is working without any problem?

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