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Recent content by Tanmay Dash

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    [SOLVED] bitrate of nodes in can communication

    ya thats true.i dnt got ur ques earlier yes u r if ack error and crc error detected on the same frame then error frame will be generated due to ack error .."when crc error occured ,transmission of error flag starts with the bit following ack bit ,unless an error flag for any other conditions...
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    CAN interview questions

    dear vijay s, by initialising the resistors in can ic we initiate transmission..take for eg i m using mcp2525 can ic .it consists of 100 of registers like filter ,mask,int,ex,tx registers etc etc.so just by initialising values in registers u can control the communication.thank u :::::::: there...
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    Nickel Metal Halide Vs Lead acid battery

    The significant disadvantage of NiMH batteries is the high rate of self-discharge; NiMH batteries typically lose 4% of their charge per day of storage.that is thereason why lead acid is more reliable than niMH.my point is taht in consumer point of view power management come into play ..whatever...
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    [SOLVED] bitrate of nodes in can communication

    dear debabrata,as u told that error frame will be generarted only due to ack error but not with crc error...its quite contradictory as crc is one of 5 types of error (bit,stuff,form,ack,crc) .so my point is any 5 of this error if occured error frame will be generated..kindly refer part A and...
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    CAN protocol circuit diagram

    SIR, if in can mcp2515 tec =1 and there is sucessful 2 transfer then wuld tec decreases to -1???
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    [PIC] LCD shows garbage value in PIC18F26K22

    hi, when u r writing a subroutine u must know tht the machine cycle for lcd execution is not faster than microcontroller.for eg if i give 100 pens in 10 sec to you and simulataneously u have a speed of recieving 30 pens in 10 sec ..will u be able t recieve all pen...there will be loss of...
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    Regarding the difference between sim 300 and sim900 Gsm modem

    hi, the sim900 u r using consist of arm7 prosessor . even if u r using mobile phone to sent same message to 10 persons at a time .....u will notice that one after another the message is being sent.so i mean to say that sim900 company have done programming in arm 7 in this way.
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    how convert squarewave to sawtooth

    refer to site https://electro-music.com/forum/post-390900.html
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    What is "Lead-Free" meaning in IC Packages ?

    refer site https://www.maximintegrated.com/en/emmi/faq.cfm
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    Regarding the difference between sim 300 and sim900 Gsm modem

    hi, the gsm delay is the inbuilt effect made by the simm900 producers.remember we r only using the gsm module...not designing gsm ..if u can made ur own gsm module u can do that.according to the simm 900 specification.delay is required in 1-2 secs for ok.
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    [SOLVED] bitrate of nodes in can communication

    no its true that tec and rec is responible for crc calculation plz refer can part a part b document og robert bosch if any error occurs for 128 times active error state and for tec or rec more than 256 passive error state is occured and after 256 busoff condition arises - - - Updated - - - i...
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    How to know the program counter value in any microcontroller?

    SEE IT MUST BE THERE WHILE DEBUGGING PLEASE NOTE THE REGISTER WINDOW.after general purpose registers u wll find sfrs .here is where PC is.
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    [SOLVED] bitrate of nodes in can communication

    hi, crc error is generated if the TEC not equals to REC .TEC-TRANSMIT ERROR COUNTER REC-RECIEVE ERROR COUNTER
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    Without reading the value of PC, How can we know that it fetch the next instruction?

    u can see this in diassembly window of ur IDE. - - - Updated - - - sorry, the above reply is wrong. the correct answer is using dptr u can chech the execution level of the code.dptr is a 16 bit register pointer as pc .thus by initialising the dptr pointer we can use it like pc
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    LM2576 and conversion 24VAC to 4VDC for GSM module

    no what i told is including adapter.u must be using adapter and then feeding it to power supply.thats what i am saying.tranformer is a part of adapter.u can omit the transformer part in my diagram.i had used sim900 in my major projects

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