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Recent content by tanish

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    Synthesizing a large memory using Genus 19.1

    I have a problem synthesizing my design. Its submodules can be synthesized however when I want to synthesize the top module, Genus doesn't finish the elaboration. But there are no errors, because I check it with Modelsim to see if there is any. Also by reading the HDL file in Genus I don't...
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    tangent hyperbolic hdl design for ANN activation function

    Hi, I need to implement an hdl of hyperbolic tangent for Artificial Neural Network activation function. I've searched a lot but unfortunately I wasn't able to find a proper version as most people have used IPcores to implement it. Could anyone help me with it?
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    ISCAS 89-s38417 testbench required

    Hi, I need to generate a saif file for iscas 89 s38417 benchmark. I need a good testbench for that. I searched the previous posts and I found a link for that but it doesn't work anymore. could anyone help me with that.
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    Extracting MOSRA LEVEL 3 Parameters and values

    Do anyone know how can I extract MOSRA Level 3 parameters for a specific library file when I'm using hspice? I wanna measure the aging for standard cells of that library. Also do these parameters will change based on temperature? I've found a video about that in synopsys website but it doesn't...
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    Connecting FPGA to computer using ft232rl module

    Hello, I'm trying to send and receive data to/from fpga using ft232rl module(rs232). I'm using mojo v3(spartan 6 lx9). however I have tried to produce baud rate and receiver module, I'm not able to receive data from ft232rl. my baud generator is like this: module baud( clk, rxclk_en ); input...
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    instantiate a distributed ram using core generator in xilinx ISE

    yes I know but I will use the combine of this bits in my code! for this reason I want to know is there any solution to reduce this long transition?it's so important for me. - - - Updated - - - Actually I have another question. If I try a code like this at asic does it have a long transiton...
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    instantiate a distributed ram using core generator in xilinx ISE

    could you please explain more about DMEMs/registers? I defined data_out as an output port and I didn't specify that it's a reg or wire.I think in this case verilog HDL consider it as a wire by default,isn't it? - - - Updated - - - Actually I've used rising edge. and I exactly wnat to know...
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    instantiate a distributed ram using core generator in xilinx ISE

    I did the xst synthesize and the maximum frequency was about 350 MHz. but when I do post place and route simulation there is some problem with my results. this is my code: module ram_top( clk, en, we, addr, oen, data_in, data_out ); input clk, en, we, oen; input [5:0] addr; input...
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    instantiate a distributed ram using core generator in xilinx ISE

    actually I think I do it correctly because when I change the prefered language to vhdl and then use core generator it works. but I don't know the exact reason unfortunately. I hope someone could help me.
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    instantiate a distributed ram using core generator in xilinx ISE

    I checked https://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/sw_manuals/xilinx11/cgn_c_df_synthesize_verilog_design.htm but it was no special instructions for xilinx ISE to solve this problem. Can you explain it more(adding a syn_blackbox synthesis attribute to the module)?I don't have any idea about it.
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    instantiate a distributed ram using core generator in xilinx ISE

    hello. I try to implement a distributed RAM using ISE IP core generator but I have this warning: WARNING:HDLCompiler:1499 - "E:\M.Sc\ISE projects\ipcore-test\test2\ipcore_dir\myram.v" Line 39: Empty module <myram> remains a black box. my verilog code is : module test2( data_in, clock...
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    word's length of single port RAM

    oh that was a mistake of copy paste.thats not the problem if you correct them and then run post simulate you can observe the problem. I changed the length to generate xst reports but I forgot to change testbench. it was just a copy paste mitake. and the code is from xilinx pdf...
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    word's length of single port RAM

    so what should I do?
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    word's length of single port RAM

    hello. I have a verilog code for r single port ram : Code Verilog - [expand] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 module RAM ( clk, we, en, addr, din, dout ); input clk; input we; input en; input [5:0] addr...
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    using modelsim with tsmc 0.18u library

    your answer was convincing but I have another question,why gate level simulation is slow?

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