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    can lm311 operate with 24v?

    Dear All, I want to use lm311 with 24V as Vcc. The datasheet says that the positive input voltage limit is 30V above the negative. The negative at my case is 0V So I assume I can use 24V am I right? Do you think that it could be a better idea if I use a voltage divider circuit? And if yes...
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    Chip that measures or informs about current at consumption!

    The max ampere that I want to measure is around 5A. I have found the following links.. But I am not sure if these chips can withstand 230V. and 5A... Can you take a look? **broken link removed** **broken link removed**...
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    Chip that measures or informs about current at consumption!

    Sorry for not pointing out! Well I want to measure AC 230V 50Hz The uP works at 5V DC Thanks!!
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    Chip that measures or informs about current at consumption!

    Dear ALL, I am searching for a chip to measure current. Do you think of any sollution that could help me? I would prefer if this chip uses electrical field for the measurement and not being connected in series with the consumption. The measurement should be 0A-6A max. I want to feed the...
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    professional dimmer question

    igbt sinewave dimmer I disagree with you. IGBT's have a lot of advantages over triacs especially to EMI. But the main problem is the heat they produce!!! Because the dimmer case is not very big and I want two dimmer modules in one box the HEAT is very important to me.. Thanks for your answer..
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    professional dimmer question

    igbt in dimmer Dear ALL, I have some questions to ask you concerning the dimmers. I am thinking of re-designing a dimmer module of ours. In this dimmer we used triacs for Forward phase control. I wish to change the dimmer technology to a newer one like IGBT’s but to tell you the truth we are a...

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