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    Building a replacement board help!

    Using it for projection (he's a bit of a hipster artsy farsty type) but also I plan of creating a HD camera mount that will record the 8mm to digital to archive some of the old 8mm stuff his and my family have laying around for Christmas. The old bulbs were just inconsistent and we wanted to...
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    Building a replacement board help!

    It was meant to power the LED for the projector. The previous owner replaced the old incandescent bulbs. I had a wrist grounder on during the picture on my left arm :) I am currently trying to draw it up, been a little rough but I'll post it asap. Thanks.
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    Building a replacement board help!

    Good morning everyone! I'm new to building boards and have been working on small projects but I'm currently hitting a bit of a wall. I began building a board for a friend who has a sound Super 8mm sound projector. We were replacing the old board on the machine that he bought off Ebay. When the...

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