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    Engine Control Unit (ECU) using dsPIC33F

    Congrats!!! This is great. Is there any standard to communicate with sensors in the engine? I was actually looking forward to remap my engine. Is there any standards defined? If 'Yes' by which authority/organization it is being done? Regards Gopi
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    Need info about programming LPC2142FBD

    Re: Help Needed You want to learn or you are on a project. if you want to learm PIC is the best to start with.
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    10 bit or 8bit AD Converter

    8 bit means the input signal is divided in to 256 parts. 10 bit means the input signal is divided into 1024 parts. so if you want to deal with more accuracy then go for 10bit. Gopi
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    Serial I2C EEPROM that can accommodate 15 adresses

    Re: Serial EEPROM This is a reference guide, not user guide.
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    The difference between linux and unix

    Re: hi new to linux Hi Satish, Linux is created by a student to get his own copy of unix like operating system. In those days Unix is very costly. Linus Trovalds is the guy who developed linux kernal initially. Later on lot of people contributed for it and helped it to grow as a mature...
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    8 bit declaration in 32 bit controllers

    Hi Unsigned char will not contain 8 bytes. It contain just 8 bits ( might be typo error ) . The compiler must take care by just allocating 8 bits. Generally these type of info can be clearly found in the compiler user guide. Regards Gopi
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    Solve my problem in C language!!!

    Hello Friend Sorry I am really not able to spot your problem. Please explain with more details. Regards Gopi
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    Help me to make an rpm counter using simple IR LED, detector and 89c51

    Re: rpm counter Just tie the RFID signal to an interrupt PIN and in the ISR measure the time diff betweem the two interrupts. Based on this time we can find the RPM easily
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    Execute the Code from RAM in ARM Processors

    Hi All, I find some sort of dificulty in running the code in RAM for ARM Processor. I use LPC2106 and the compiler is Keil uVision 3 Evaluation software. I did the following set up in the Keil uVision IDE. In the Location " Options -> LA Locate -> User Classes " I added...
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    How about using two RS-232 in PIC

    Re: TWO RS-232 in PIC Hi Robert, Thanks!!! I will visit the ccsc forum as u suggested!. The flash I mentioned is program memory!!! I plan to go for lower version of PIC ICs (16 series) because of the cost. But for development I start developing with higher version and gradually port it...
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    How to efficiently convert the 32-bit data into 8-bit data?

    Re: How to efficiently convert the 32-bit data into 8-bit da Hi silvio, Yes Ur right we cannot assume that all the compilers follow the same conventions!!! But What I gave here will work for PIC and Atmel 8051 Microcontrollers. And the shift direction which I gave is wrong! I am sorry its a...
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    Need a guide for writing a code for arm

    Re: start write to arm Hi All, I am also new to ARM? Where can I found the development tools for ARM7? I would like to know about the compilers, IDEs, Programers for ARM7. If anyone knows please give me web Links. Thanks and Regards Gopi
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    How about using two RS-232 in PIC

    Re: TWO RS-232 in PIC Thanks Robert, Will 20Mhz be able to generate a baud rate of 19200 without errors.(I mean with less error). I have to use 4800,9600 and 19200 in the same PIC IC. Will you recomend any PIC IC? The Flash requirement will be about 6K. Thanks a Lot Regards Gopi
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    How to efficiently convert the 32-bit data into 8-bit data?

    Re: How to efficiently convert the 32-bit data into 8-bit da Hi The simple solution is as follows. int32 var32bit; int8 var8bit1; int8 var8bit2; int8 var8bit3; int8 var8bit4; var8bit1 = var32bit; // Lower Order byte var8bit2 = var32bit >> 8; var8bit3 = var32bit >> 16...
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    How about using two RS-232 in PIC

    rs232 18f8722 Hi All, I think it is possible to use 2 UARTS in PIC. I am using pic18f8722. I use CCSC pcwh compiler. Has anyone tried this before? What is the maximum baudrate supported by the PIC? I want to try 19200. Actually my project involves 3 UARTS. Any help is appreciated...

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