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Recent content by suyan

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    Drawing microstrip patch on cadstar

    Hi guys,anyone know how to use Cadstar to draw microstrip antenna patches?
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    Need help in designing. [Sonnet]

    Hi, what is the suggested L and W if i wan to us 2.2Ghz simple patch for antenna? how does L and W varies if frequency increase? for example if freq = 2.4 ghz, what is the L and W also? i need freq =2.2 Ghz, 2.4Ghz and 2.6Ghz for experiment. anyone using Sonnet? can attach the file to me? i...
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    Effective dielectric constant

    Hi, u guys know how to find effective dielectric constant with given of Impedance(Ohms)? i know there is a table of Data From various Microstrip Lines in the feed Network. U guys know where to find? pls help?
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    What are the effects of ports?

    Can i know what is the effect of ports? why do my ciruit need ports to analyse my project? why ports need to be grounded? pls help.. thanks
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    Need help in Sonnect 10.51

    eh.. thanks so much. i have find some guides over at "help" click. i am designing jus a simple patch antenna will do for 3-5 Ghz. and i have calculated the width and height, but i not sure if it's good... can this program guides us on how to design? and i also have problem simulates, i save all...
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    Need help in Sonnect 10.51

    Who knows how to use this software, it is downloaded at the website **broken link removed** , anyone has this tutorials? pls reply.. need help urgently....
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    Microstrip antenna array

    then u know when designing an antenna array, what is feed line width? and how to calculate effective dielectric constant for right and left side impedence? i am using the book: "CAD Microstrip Antenna for wirless applications" and i am using the window application to use it.
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    HFSS error: could not obtain HFSS UI license

    Need help in HFSS i am learning this software, but not sure how to use. i keep having this error of "could not obtain HFSS UI license", what problem is that? and i am trying to simulate a patch antenna array? how do i go about doing it? can anyone pls help? add me in msn...
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    Microstrip antenna array

    thanks for replying, i am really new in designing the antenna. the formula i already know. what u mean by grating lobes ? can anyone add me in msn? su_yan_e212@hotmail.com
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    Microstrip antenna array

    How to calculate elements spacing for antenna array:?:
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    Documents about the design of rectangular microstrip antenna

    Microstrip antennas. then i want find out thing about the measurements of array antenna...how u all calculate?
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    Designing Phase Array Antenna

    who know hot to design phase array antenna, my type of antenna is microstrip antenna.. i need to know how they are measured , pacth width and length, what does the parameter of eahc affect which...

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